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  1. I need to get my car remapped/ properly mapped and I would like to hear what companies people recommend. Rs tuning are good I've read but are in Leeds. Anyone in the South?
  2. KTEC of course is a big name in dorset.Many say they are fine for tuning.EFI also have a great reputation..but are not in the south!
  3. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    engine dynamics

    they built my engine and mapped my car, dont have anything bad to say about them cars been spot on
  4. When I bought my R26 it had already been mapped by Ktec, and to be honest it wasn't very good and had issues like my fuel gauge not working correctly and the multi function computer not reading true. I took it to EFI to get it checked over and Chris did a great job at mapping it properly and sorting out all the previous issues.

    For reference the Ktec map was done in 2014iirc so they may be better now. The difference between the old map and the EFI map is night and day and I would highly recommend a trip to see Chris at Runcorn.

    2014 Ktec map in red, 2018 EFI map in black. Exactly the same set up/mods for each map.

  5. Thanks Gents, is it the same company that calls themselves EFI parts online. Looked up EFI, guessing that's them. I will have a look at engine dynamics too.
  6. Yep, that's them. Chris gets very busy and the best way to contact him is via email. The details are on the website. EFI, RS Tuning, and Engine Dynamics are the 3 main tuners who's work you rarely hear anything bad things about.
  7. my own car has RS Tuning map on it for 10 years..never missed a beat.
  8. Definitely considering engine dynamics1a conversion which includes scorpion exhaust and K&N. Is it worth my car having a 3" system if it's going to stay on a low tune? The exhaust is 2.65 in the conversion but they sell a 3" version
  9. 3" all the way mate, it sounds great! As for maps.... I'd recommend RS Tuning. Great people, great work and Leeds is a cracking city. They needed my car for 2 days so stayed up there overnight, friendly people and the beer is cheap!

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  10. I read that your looking to book some track time. Keep me informed. I may come along too
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  11. And costs if possible. Hr rate or all in packages?
  12. Damn it, I bought a k tech 3"today lol
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  13. You won't be disappointed mate!

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  14. A guy near me has one and it has a great sound. Can't wait to get it fitted
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