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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Chrisball35, Dec 2, 2018.

  1. I'm looking at remapping my mk3 in the new year. For those that have already done this I was wondering what effects it had on torque steer? I'm particularly interested in what it's like when you exit a corner with full power down. As standard the car has a great feel and I'd to lose that. But then again I would like a bit more grunt from the engine
  2. Daniel Godfrey

    Daniel Godfrey RSM Club Member

    Totally fine mate. I'm running 315bhp and 350tor and it's not changed a thing apart how much quicker it is.
  3. Same, mine is mapped to similar and torque steer is not an issue, the car still feels fantastic coming out of a corner.
  4. Thanks for the replies ... Looks like rs tuning are getting a visit in the new year!
  5. the factory diff is pretty good up-to a limit am finding some torque steer up around 364lb/ft out of corners a little frustrating

    earlier figures of 320lb/ft were still withing the diffs ability and held traction well to both wheels

    also to note the front geo setting has an effect on torque steer
  6. Good to know.

    I previously took a 2013 focus St to 300bhp and 450nm of torque. Even after adding a quaiffe diff and stiffened bushings it was useless on any twisty roads.
  7. Charlie Howard

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    I've always found torque steer to be a lot in mine running 320/320. Diffs add to torque steer
  8. Mish View

    Mish View RSM Club Member

    I feel some small torque steer in my stock trophy...but i guess that comes with a rev happy and punchy 2.0 turbo engine, although once you hold on the wheel firm , it's a nice feeling. It's the car's way to tell you there is power :smiley: .

    p.s. I was never fan of the ST , too heavy and ugly in general, also no diff from factory... The Focus RS though* :smiley: (*mostly straight line performance )
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  9. Comparing the two cars, the ST was ok and is a car that most would find easier to live with. The engine felt very grunty but only because peak torque and power came in lower in the Rev range. By 5.5k revs it had run out of puff. The real issue was cornering capability.

    The megane is much more hardcore. I've found the harder you push it the more engaging it becomes. The power doesn't 'feel' as fast... But when you look at the speedo it obviously is. Its cornering capability is in a different league. I love it and wouldn't swap back. I will admit though, ford's build quality is superior. I am slowly losing my marbles over the cabin rattles.
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