Recaro Trendline half leather seats

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Si271, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Will shortly have my half leather Trendline seats for sale. They're in good condition overall, no damage to bolsters or cushions, however there are scratches on the plastic shells at the rear of the seats. I'm after £600 for the pair, inc bases. ca51020d8305c21736e3ce42b15b302b.jpg 854a3fbdc8ebc0cc938e871db7b29b3f.jpg 5615b3c2db5d2a3d3d87ff1abc86789e.jpg 460ea1488eed0dd39b4f981b6ad3b07e.jpg 2f630f3ae5202c0b1b7ed37ef18229a9.jpg 3cef5e9a58b53f1863b316500f494c53.jpg 3fd2fa4c241c5c31949ecd60870dd0ff.jpg 5d2071afc62649b206d43b4fd3aaae8a.jpg df9b7a32e342c37984395270a0589039.jpg 2d73eb0233df79f1fb8b1e12c7e93a89.jpg

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  2. Hi I looking for a pair of trendlines for my Clio. Where are you based?Thanks Steve
  3. Pm'd you mate.

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