Reasons the Clio RS:16 will suck

Discussion in 'General Automotive & Motorsport Media' started by dru, May 25, 2016.

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    My views

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  2. Fair enough, didn't know it weighed the same as a megane!
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  3. You could at least have got out of bed.
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  4. R26


    Nice pussy.

    How'd you know its weight?
  5. dru


    Just working off the current mk4 RS weight mate

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  6. Renault should have put some proper funding into the clio, and put in a rear drive train . If this had been done it could have been opened up to more motorsport formulas. Or even made into credible WRC contender. Come on Renault !.
  7. @dru; You must be kidding.
    If the RS16 does make mass production (doubtful) it will be an amazing car.
    Not sure where you got your info but the RS16 does have Brembos & also has a multi axis hub assy & a host of other trick bits of engineering.
    The Clio is also smaller than the Megane, which I can tell you is very noticeable on track (My RS275 feels like a tank on track compared to my RS200).
    Also regarding weight - The RS16 will be lighter than the Megane. My RS275R is 1281kg which is the lightest factory MK3 ever produced (no rear seat, lithium battery, 1 piece bucket seats, lighter brake rotors & coil springs, no stereo, no air con, no sound deadening, no satnav screen etc,), whereas most MK3 Meganes are much heavier & nudging nearer to 1400kg. I'd bet the RS16 will be low-mid 1200kgs.
    If this car gets built (still doubtful) it will be in huge demand amongst enthusiasts & the only thing that 'will suck' about it is the fact that there won't be many built & it wont be cheap.

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  8. What formulas would it have opened up ?
    Also what does being RWD have to do with WRC ? All the WRC cars are AWD cars that are based on FWD car platforms.
    The current Clio platform is perfect for WRC...its a 1.6Turbo, its got a twin clutch box, its the perfect size/weight platform. All it would take is Renault to have the desire to compete in WRC & put the money into developing it as VW, Hyundai, Ford, Citroen have done. Renaults interest is in Formula 1 & certain other track disciplines, not rallying otherwise you would be seeing Clio's in the WRC.
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  9. I'd rather renault gave us a version of their Twin'run with a 250 F4RT engine instead of the V6 that powers the concept.

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