Rear speaker upgrade!!!

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  1. I’ll admit, doing the fronts seem to make more of a difference (seriously, night and day) opposed to the rears. Done the right rear side yesterday, today was the left. Pretty nifty that you can just take the entire speaker mounting panel OUT of the car for the speaker fitting, then it’s just a quick wire in and off you go once done with the fitting.

    For the left side today i used rubber weather seal around the speaker mounting spacer AND to seal between the speaker and spacer, maybe that’ll yield a bigger difference than the right did as it’s pretty poorly sealed in the rear for sound as is. In saying that, i used different speakers in the rear opposed to front that have a sensitivity of 91, compared to 94 sensitivity for the fronts.

    Oh, and i’ve upsized to 6.5 components for both front and back! (in case you were wondering size)

    + In case you’re interesting in doing this yourself and nervous about the actual difference, so long as you buy the right speakers, WOW! i thought i surely was stuck with needing an amp setup but nope, happy enough now with just the fronts, and the rears being 6.5s now should reach a little lower in the frequency range and give a bit more punch. (in theory)

    Important note: Sensitivity seems to have been the most important thing i learnt about with speakers when upgrading a low powered system (like the megane) - my fronts are a set of JL audios with a sensitivity rating of 94 from memory (which is pretty high compared to most) - AND!!!! only $80, bloody cheering! (seriously, these speakers reach LOW in the bass range for a set of 6.5s, crazy impressive, and the tweeters are less metallic / harsh whilst being way clearer than OEM and playing a whole heap of missing higher frequencies) - important mention, mine has the Arkamys 3D high tech premium super ultra mega sound system as well (which still sounds like ass, and sounded FAR worse than what i’m hearing now after a relatively cheap and simple upgrade... minus a few swear words and cuts and grazes)

    Final note: This is all too much information and no one probably cares but i wanted to share anyway because i’m stoked about having barable sound now [emoji1787]

    Final final note: Plugging your phone in for music opposed to bluetooth seems to give far better sound quality and clarity at high volume it seems? Bluetooth clips with low frequencies and doesn’t like anything over 24 without some pretty ugly distortion. Ok. The end.... for now. 6a02102a8db64f6aff6e80aadf5b9728.jpg

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  2. Nice bit of info, I’ve blown the drivers side front speaker and looking to sort it sometime in near future. If there a reasonably priced upgrade that just fits straight in will probably do that.
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  3. Do you have to take the door cards out to change front speakers or can you just pop the speakers out and put some new ones in if they are correct size?
  4. Totally agree man. I have the arkamis too and don´t sound as well as it should, specially metal music. Taking note of this for a future sound upgrade!
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  5. Door cards out, but they come off pretty easy :smile:

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  6. Do it! Volume is twice as loud and way deeper bass / overall sound. Far more pleasant! Here’s what i used for the fronts.

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  7. Standards are 5 1/4 tiny fun sized speakers so it won’t be a straight swap but with some speaker adaptor spacers and a pair of tin snips to cut away a few bits of excess metal from the opening, fits like a glove! You just can’t get the same sound from a 5-1/4 speaker as a 6.5 inch woofer. Big difference. 5 inchers are like big tweeters [emoji1787]

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  8. Cheers for info.

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