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Rear seat removal?

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Stock265cup, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Got a trackday coming up soon with some competition would like to beat/ be close to so considering removing rear seats, ha. Question is how long does it take to remove Megane 3 rear seats? If anyone knows the weight saving would be interested to know?
    Haven’t removed rear seats before for trackdays but desperate times call for desperate measures. Can pass off removal of rear seats as creating room for transporting trackday wheels/tyres and fuel, ha. Any feedback will be greatly received, cheers.
  2. From memory the lowers un clip and the upper is held in with 3 bolts. All the weights in the upper seat, comes out as one piece. Feels like it weighs over 15kg
  3. Cheers for info.

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