Rear anti Roll Bar?

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  1. Any advantage to be had for general road use/trackdays, by fitting a rear anti roll bar to a standard 265cup?
  2. I've got a white line resr strut brace. Is this what you mean? High speed corner stability feels better on track. No perceptible improvement on the road imo.
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    Save your money

    You can achieve better results with changing thr rear geo, ARB does very little on them
  4. Cheers for info greatly received. Had the Megane for 5 and a bit year’s now, had the 6 year Cambelt/dephaser dome recently. Great car, nothing has come out in the meantime in my price range that I would want to buy so just looking at ways of sharpening it up, is starting to feel a bit soft to me. Will probably end up going the suspension route.
  5. Would love to fit the adjustable front anti roll bar but at moment can’t be bothered to drop the subframe out. If do decide to go suspension route would probably refresh all the bits that need it.
  6. In short don’t do it unless you want a bouncy rear end and to go slower through bumpy curves and braking areas. If the idea is to compensate for your rear dampers getting overwhelmed, and you feel it rolls too much, then the best fix is better dampers!
  7. Cheers, will leave that one.
  8. What's inloved in dropping the subframe
  9. I have had a whiteline rarb fitted on my car and in all honesty I did not notice any difference at all. I did two track days a month apart one with it one without and felt the same. It only bolts to the rear beam which is solid anyway so not really convinced it does anything.

    I have a front fitted aswell but if you have the cup chasis it's only 2mm thicker than the cup bar so again no massive gain

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