Re map but only running 0.7 bar?

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  1. Hi all
    Some help needed please
    I took the car to be re mapped today only to be told it's already re mapped
    However I did stick a boost gauge on it a few weeks back and found it was running 0.7 bar (this is standard i think) Hence why I assumed it hadn't been mapped

    Have I got a problem?
    Boost leak or knackered turbo?

    Where do I start?

  2. Who mapped it
  3. Don't know
    Didn't know it was mapped!
  4. well unless your gauge is not accurate then 0.7 is def Not a mapped car as that's standard, what garage told you it was already mapped Graeme??
  5. Imo they probably think it's remapped because they couldn't gain access to the ecu because temp was above teh reprogramming limit. Considering this i would say they have absolutely no clue what they are doing so my advice would be to stay away from them.
  6. Nmp


    0.7 bar (10 psi) seems a bit low to me.
  7. Advice right there ^^^^
  8. Ok done a little research for you greame, its quite possible your car could have had a HENK map put on it like mine and then removed by the owner hence 0.7 bar boost, now with a henk map we have the software to take the HENK map off and put the original map back on and vice versa anytime we want, the down side to this is that the ECU then gets locked and only a HENK map or RSTUNING can get access to it. of course this may not be your reason but I hope this helps. if anyone has the HENK software like me then they can check this for you or just pop over to RSTUNING as they are close to you and they will check aswell mucker.
  9. Does the Henk map leave the ecu locked if it's removed?
    Are you sure rstuning can access it too? As previously when I enquired about a map with Paul he told me I had to bring my rstuner so he could access the ecu (already had a henk map).

    If Paul can have access without the rstuner I imagine engine dynamics could too (they always used to use henk go do their mapping)
  10. Its my understanding that Paul can get into a FastChips locked ECU, but it takes time.
    I dont thing ED do have the same relationship at FastChips + RSTuning do.
  11. Sorry guys the point I was trying to make was that if he goes to rstuning they will be able to tell him he has a locked ecu by henk or NOT, atleast then Graeme knows where he stands with his ecu, paul was happy to remap my ecu but then I have the box and software, I was just trying help Graeme find out whats going on with his ecu and his 0.7 bar boost.

    As andybond has said without the box n software I am sure paul can get into it just takes time and maybe a few nice emails to henk himself :smile:
  12. yes mate even when you put back the original map like I have done a few times now it still leaves it locked, once with henk always henk lol, unless you go to rstuning or as ive said above a few nice emails to henk lol
  13. Hi all

    Thanks for your replys
    The company that tried to re map my car was viezu and I did my research on them.
    The car was cold when the map was taken off.

    They did not actually attempt to put any map onto the car as it was already "extensively" mapped.

    I guess I need to buy some dyno time and see whats happening

    Actually as i write this im thinking I might stick a boost controller and a wide band on and see if I can manually increase the boost

    I dont think the turbos goosed as there is no whine or smoke and it seems to be holding boost fine


  14. It sounds to me you forgot to hook up again the recirculation valve on the turbo, after fitting the boost gauge.

    If the recirculation valve does not have the vacuum/boost hose attached, it will open up after around 0.6bar pressure in the intake system, which comes close to the 0.7bar you are reading. The reason for this is that the recirculation valve of course has a spring, so it takes a certain amount of pressure to open up.

    So, my first guess is that there is something wrong with the hose connections after you hooked up the boost gauge hoses, so you might want to check that.
  15. Are you sure you cut into the right pipe, i cut into what i thought was the right one but it didn't show a vacuum on my gauge, i will have a look tomorrow and take a pic of my connection if you want.
  16. youll need to increase fuel too. Good luck.
  17. ChippedUK by Jayson.

    Merchants of fucking doom this lot.
  18. They didn't chip it though.....
    if it is mapped and supposed to be running more boost i should be able to increase the boost
    dont worry youreslf mj57 i have a wide band
  19. Just get it to RS tuning , much simpler
  20. Be interested to see where you tapped in for the boost gauge.
  21. I ended up putting a 250 engine in my 225, so it was a lot easier as there is an extra fitting on the 250 intake manifold, thats where i plumbed the boost gauge into, if you have a mk2 then you will have to "T" into the vacuum pipe or drill into the intake manifold and take a feed from there.
  22. There's plenty of previous bodges where someone has tried different pipes etc and have left me with pipe connectors lol!

    Tried one that is just after the turbo but its reading 1.5bar so I'm hopeful that's the wrong pipe!

    Thinking it'll need to be the pipe that goes to the servo and recirculating valve for a better reading?
  23. The one that goes to the servo has a non return valve in it, so you have to be careful where you tap into it, best to just tap into the manifold and have done with it, some of the pipes give you boost pressure and some a vacuum, tapping into the manifold gives you a full spectrum boost and vacuum at the most important point, into the engine
  24. I'm not really that fussed about the boost gauge tbh. I've been setting up oil temp/ pressure gauges and there was already a boost gauge in the car (dangerously bodged up) so thought I'd get it working.

    How did you find the engine swap?
  25. Engine swap was easy, just change the sensors over and use the original wiring loom
  26. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    i used the hose that goes to the recirc valve boost.JPG
  27. Do you get an accurate reading from that point?
  28. The 250 has a better bottom end which can take more power?

    Still learning with the meg tbh!

    Mines burning a bit of oil which I'm confident is the turbo, but could do with a compression test to check everything else tbh.

    Depending on what comes up with the mot, I may get a little crazy lol! Not sure if it's worth changing the turbo or swapping out the engine and go for big power.
  29. The two engines are basically the same, the 250 has slightly better con rods that were the weak point on the mk2, also the fuel rail is better than the mk2 one, plus its fitted with a rising rate fuel system.

    Personally i would forge your engine and get a 250 turbo or an hybrid, then it will be strong enough for almost anything you want to throw at it
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