Rattle from engine bay when warm and at low revs

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  1. Megane 250 lux

    Car runs perfectly, drives very well and does not do anything weird. Averaging about 26mpg, pulls well. No smoke or weird smells, completely unmodified car.

    When the car is cold you cannot hear anything unusual but once it heats up the rattling can be heard.

    At low revs, if you tap the throttle, you can hear a rattling that sounds like a chattering skeleton? It follows the tapping of the throttle. If you are just idling you cannot hear anything.

    Sorry not sure how to describe the sound but that's what comes to mind! When you pick up the pace the noise is gone and the car drives as normal.

    Car had a new timing belt and water pump last year.

    Well serviced, very clean car.

    Any ideas?! Really hoping it is not dephaser pulley as I'm guessing that means paying for the whole timing belt again + the dephaser!
  2. Does the noise go if you select a gear with the clutch peddle down ???
  3. No, you can hear this noise if in 1st gear and creeping. Once the car gets going noise is gone.
    Only present when hot. Somedays nosier than others but always seems to be there once hot.

    Also developed a creaking sound when at full lock lol dammit.

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