Radio reception poor

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  1. In my megane 225 cup the radio reception isn't brill
    Keeps going out of range
    Swapped Aerial for a new stubby made it even worse
    Anyone else's poor
  2. Mines the asme but the stubby aerial looks 100% better IMO I rarely have radio on anyway they just talk crap all day anyway iphone or cd for me:wink:
  3. + radio1 play the same songs after ten minutes
  4. I wonder why there so poor
    In any other car there pretty good
  5. I considered a amplified one but in the end couldn't be arsed lol
  6. Tbh mines pretty good. I brought the aux lead from eBay and plug my phone in most of the time
  7. Have you got the "make the radio crackly and potentially pop the rear screen" button on? :wink:
  8. check the aerial base is connected correctly, if not sounds like you need a new one
  9. Mine has always been bad.

    Every time you change station, it plays for a few seconds, then "Searches" for a minute or so before working again.
  10. Got hids on?
  11. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator


    The radio has always been poor in mine, constantly searching / loosing signal.
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  12. here, here, mine is ok on local tin pot radio but they have one tape that they turn around every 15 minutes
    although my rubber seal at the base of the aerial has perished and gone :-(
  13. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Mines been bad from day one, most of the time never being able to get radio at all. Prefer listening to music on my phone or cd though.
  14. Mines not too bad, I have HIDs on mine as well.
    Sure, I get a few fades here and there but it not really that bad.
  15. Mine was ok with the metre long std aerial its just the little bee sting it struggles woth its bearable just every so often
  16. Swapping to the bee-sting on mine was a massive mistake, never really got a signal since so went back to the standard one. Might try and find a powered 12v near the rear to look at installing an amplified aerial.
  17. My aerial is more style than funcion now as i said mostly use cds or phone
  18. An old one but relevant to bump rather than start again!

    My radio reception is poor, my feeling is that the radio itself, the AF function is just poor and doesn't work while moving along the road.

    Anyone find improvement with a new headunit or is the consensus that the aerial is poor
  19. Mine is still crap with my Sony headunit mate. My wife had a 2005 Megane Dynamique years ago an tha was always bad. She had a 59 world series megane an tha was crap but not quite as bad
  20. Might see if there is anything to help boost the signal. I like the radio for my commute.
  21. Its generally the circuit board inside the aerial base. It lets water in and goes rusty.


    Replaced mine and it’s 10x better.
    I picked one up from the scrappy for next to nothing. Lots of other models and spec share the same part.
  22. Thanks Leigh, I'll take this off and see what it looks like. I can't imagine mine being normal as, even in 2007, it wouldn't have been acceptable. If it was an 87 maybe, so feels more like something isn't working right!
  23. No problem, I hope it works for you.

    I’ve just dug my old one out of the garage and I’m surprised it was working at all.


    I remember it was pretty easy to change too. Working from inside the boot, you can move the rubber trim down and pry the headliner down enough to reach in and undo the nut. Think it’s 22mm. There’s a connector to undo too but I can’t remember where that was.
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