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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by tc3ntro, Jun 10, 2019.

  1. So after a few weeks of looking I’ve finally purchased a mk3 250 to build into a fast road/track/ringtoy.

    Purchased yesterday from a gent in Northern Ireland and driven the 220 miles home by a mate. Car drives really well according to the mate - it wants a few bit but nothing major.

    I’ll try update this as regularly as possible.

    820D5AD1-A33E-4CD9-9224-C2F84A1D0791.jpeg EDC443CA-DCCE-41A5-AE59-4A11D7F296A2.jpeg
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  2. What's the build plan??
  3. tof73

    tof73 RSM Club Member

    welcome along, nice little weapon, what's the plan?
  4. The plan !

    I have purchase a full set of new brakes, new wheel bearings and some suspension parts. I have also purchased a decat and mid-box delete pipe. Got a stage 2 intercooler from the groupbuy on here coming for it too.

    It already has a Rs remap running a safe 300/300 so with another remap and the above bits it might creep up a bit in power.

    Currently trying to decide on what coilovers to go for if anyone can offer any feedback (thinking BC's at the moment).

    Some spare cup wheels wrapped in something like AR-1's/888's for track and the ring.

    Strip it out, half cage, recaros, flocked dash.

    I have a trackday booked 4th july at cadwell and the ring mid August.
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  5. Oh and I've just ordered a zero point one shifter !
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  6. No really major work whilst the weather is terrible but I did fit some pressed plates tonight and changed all the bulbs to led and detango’d the fronts and rears. Rear 1.jpg Rear Lights.jpg
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  7. Amazing how much better it looks with a quick wash and the fresh plates.

    fRONT1.jpg FRONT 2.jpg
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    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Pressed plates look good, hope you kept the originals for mot time
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  9. Michelin’s fitted to the car today which has transformed it.

  10. PS4 great all round road tyre in my opinion. Good on track as well for beginners. Great in wet conditions, leave mine on at trackdays if wet conditions.
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  11. Nice motor by looks of it. How much for full set of LED bulbs?
  12. About £12 off eBay but they need resistors to work correctly.
  13. Some smalls jobs sorted this weekend while I wait for some bits to turn up.
    Usb socket fitted to replace the cig lighter, Dewiper, painted the exhaust trim black and stripped most of the rear and covered the exposed section with some light felt carpet stuff I had lying about.
    Also covered about 100 miles in the car and it is surprisingly capable. More so than I expected.

    Wheel bearings, pads, discs, brake lines, fluid, gearbox mount, battery relocation with PC680 battery, engine service, gearbox oil, stage 2 intercooler, decat and midbox delete all still to complete !

    Rear dewiper.jpg usb.jpg strip 1.jpg strip 2.jpg strip 3.jpg srtip 4.jpg strip 5.jpg
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  14. How much you reckon the rear seats weigh?
  15. I have no idea for everything including the belts maybe 20kg ?
  16. Zero point one shifter installed tonight.

  17. ADA4B927-8812-410C-8A6F-77E1AB242ED7.jpeg Fitted the zero point one shifter tonight.
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  18. Car looks great and I love that shifter, is that the carbon one or just the plain black?
    Im just up the road in Boroughbridge, so not far from you at all, I drive to work in Wetherby everyday.
    What do you think of the shifter so far?
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  19. Just plain black I couldn’t justify the extra £100 for carbon as it’s a trackcar.

    I did about 15 miles last night and it feels brilliant. The position and feel of the change when pushing on is perfect.

    If you are about you should call and have a look or we should meet up ?
    I’m often up towards you having a blast out.
  20. last night I got the airtec stage 2 intercooler fitted that came from the Groupbuy on here.

    Fiddly job really but it’s fitted now.

    No finished picture as it was dusk but I’ll update this later.

  21. Sounds good, I'm keen to see that shifter and also want to see what you do with the battery.
  22. I think your following me on insta drop me a message and you can pop down and have a look.
    Relocating the battery was a total pain in the arse. Spent about 2 hours trying to get it through the bulkhead then drilled a fresh hole. By which time I was melting in the sun and not in a great mood !
  23. Saturday I got on with some real jobs !
    Standard battery removed and replaced with a PC680 and relocated to the spare wheel well.
    Revised 275 gearbox mount fitted and bolt mod done.
    Thermostat replaced with a new genuine item.

    Sorry I don't have any pictures as I think I got some sun stroke so was rather unhappy and glad to get into bed !

    Next job is to fit new wheel bearings, braided brake lines, rebuild all 4 calipers, fit the new Brembo HC disks, fit new pads and flush the system and refill with Motul RBF660.

    Anyone got any advice for the front wheel bearings ? Will I need a press to change them or could this be done with a gear puller ?
  24. Yep your right Ian it’s the cartridge bearing with 4 bolts. I don’t have a press at home so just wondering if I’ll need one or anything special, I take it rears just come straight off with the discs when you undo the bolt ?

    I’ve got all the parts already just need to make time to do the job between holidays !
  25. So by the sounds of it you have the bearings but not the carriers, not done mine yet so i can't help you with any info, Sorry :laughing:

    Yes rears are in the disc's, you can beat them out with a bar and a lump hammer :laughing:
  26. I have the bearing packs (the holder with the 4 bolt holes and bearings already fitted.
  27. should be a simple unbolt and pull off then, maybe a gentle assistance with a hammer :laughing::laughing:

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