R26R spec clutch is the 1.9dci clutch. (Helpful info)

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  1. Yes very silly price, shame there isn't something in between

    Looked at one and that was £2300 for a clutch kit :tired:
  2. Well I had a quote of 850 for the paddle version and I thought the organic would be cheaper but no it’s 1200 including the vat
  3. and they won't last that long either :dizzy:
  4. Wow I never paid that for a twin plate exedy for my evo
  5. Ive paid less for cars :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  6. Me too :smile:
  7. So who’s flywheel to use with it ?
  8. I think there is only one company that makes a single mass flywheel, but will be sold by a few companies Ktec will be one, engine dymamics another.
  9. Ok thanks for your help
  10. No problem

    I have a slightly used set up for sale if your interested
  11. Tell me more
  12. Did try and find my listing on here but can't find it.
    Single mass flywheel
    R26r plate, cover and slave cylinder.
    Bought from Ktec
    I had it in my 225 that had a 250 engine fitted, done about 5k miles, still as new.
    Was running 320hp and 360 ftlb torque

    To give you an idea how its been treated, by Espace had a new clutch at 154k miles and i mostly drive around town.

    I'm asking £325+ post
  13. What brand plate ?
  14. So half price
  15. Why did you take it out ?
  16. The hybrid turbo shat itself for the second time and after all that had gone on before it, it was time to call it time.

    So i stripped the engine, gearbox, coilovers etc etc etc and sold the car as a standard car, as i kept the original engine, g/box, suspension, exhaust etc etc etc.

    I sold most of the parts, i kept the clutch kit as i thought it would fit the mk3, but no :cry:
    I also have a pure motorsport exhaust system that was on the car for less than 1500 miles.

  17. I’ve got a 3” ktec system so I’m good thanks.
    I’ll let you know about the clutch. Just weighing up if to pay a bit more and have all new....
  18. Your choice its still here atm :laughing:
  19. I’ll take it but I have some conditions :smile:

    pm on its way
  20. Message sent

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