R26R spec clutch is the 1.9dci clutch. (Helpful info)

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  1. Hi all,

    I need a new clutch kit for my r26 and im planning to buy the dci clutch kit with the RS tuning SMF

    Do i need this one :LUK 624 3211 33

    Or this one: LUK 624 3316 33

    And what's the difference between those sets?

    Kind regards :smile:
  2. last gear ratio is different
  3. which post are you refering too
  4. that one
  5. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    yeah that is correct for the .R smf
  6. Ended up buying ecp part no 637747200 which is r clutch and slave i believe for £150.
    I believe i just need smf now most likely from rs tuning?
  7. IMG_9363.JPG

    Finally came today this definitely the right one yeah?

    Just need smf now. Rs tuning still the best place to get this from does anyone know?
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  8. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    yeah thats the correct clutch, engine dynamics is less than i £1 cheaper, so either ed or rs tuning
  9. Lol thanks mate
  10. mek


    The catalouge say that the clutch U have buy is straight fit into 225 and 230 OE DMF, no need R26.R SMF conversion.

    Also this is 240mm plate, same as 225 and 230 have:

    Only DCI 150HP and 173HP have 250mm clutch and I think this is the strongest cluch kit from Renault. In my opinion this should be R26.R clutch...

    Can anyone explain this to me? Because I don't understand anything of this...
  11. From what I've read the diameter on both clutches are 240mm despite what the print says.

    The r26. R and DCi clutches have beefier springs for the increased torque.

    It's a bit confusing as there's so many options for the same car and then luk do a plastic piped slave as well as a metal piped slave just to mix it up some more...
  12. Great thread but so confusing with all the clutch kits and part numbers being thrown into the mix :sweatsmile:

    Can someone help me, I'm after a decent DMF clutch kit & metal pipe slave cylinder for my 225 which im hoping to run around 260bhp once its built, run in and mapped.
    Can someone point me in the right direction before I order the wrong one :tearsofjoy:

  13. On Euro Car Parts in getting a choice of two clutch kits but not sure what the difference is and £70 difference in price??

    Any ideas?? b2fa5650e1033c3364cb32cc78255ede.jpg

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  14. I'm not 100% sure but I think the more expensive one has the metal piped slave.

    I'd probably give them a call to check the contents to be sure.
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  15. caymanr26

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    C6E286D3-1225-40CD-9D98-EAFC8D4383DB.png Well I bought the clutch kit today - saw it for a crazy price on amazon so thought it’s worth a go - correct part number so fingers crossed it turns up as the full kit
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  16. caymanr26

    caymanr26 Events Liason

    I need to find out the part number for the LUK dmf for an r26r clutch part number 624331633 if anyone can help??
  17. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    Renault Number is 77 01 479 339
    LUK is 415 0462 10
  18. Got a full kit for sale (LUK) if anyone is interested ? It’s in the for sale section


  19. Can someone give me a link for a r26r/dci clutch kit please? Thread is confusing with numbers of parts but no link

  20. Just wondering at what stage of tune do people switch to smf and r26r clutch ?
    My 2007 r26 clutch has started to slip occasionally and want to know what route to take.
  21. Did mine when i forged it, running 320hp and 350ftlb of torque never had a problem at that level.

    I have a smf and R26r clutch for sale, was in the car for about 3k miles, got a mk3 now and it don't fit that :cry::cry::cry:
  22. Any drawbacks to fitting smf ?
  23. No Not really
    Some say they have the engine management light come on, but mine never did, but it was mapped at EFI.
  24. No issues on my 2007 R26. Given the negligible cost difference between a new DMF and SMF and relevant clutch seems sensible to fit the SMF.
  25. Any
    more details on that clutch ?
  26. EE62641A-944F-4B64-9110-50EA28FA4386.png Is this the right clutch kit ?

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  28. This is what put in on my 225 smf running 285 bhp and 315 ft/lbs. Grips like a limpet!!!

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  29. Hey, maybe you write it but i don't understand it. so the DCi Clutch would fit to the original 225 f1 (i think, Dual mass Flywheel) ?

    i doesn't find out if the DCI had a Single or Dual Mass Flywheel at Original.
  30. I have a slightly used smf with an uprated R26r clutch done about 2.5k miles, i'm very easy on clutches, my Espace had its first clutch at 165k miles.
    Was taking 320hp and 360ftlb torque without a problem.
    I believe the Dci and the R26r plates are the same but Renault use different part numbers.

    i sold the car and put the original engine back in, kept the clutch as i thought it would fit the 265 but it doesn't.
  31. Are you looking for a buyer? But I need clearence if it will fit a dual mass flywheel.

    Need to remove the engine so was just thinking about to renew the clutch also
  32. clutch is complete, including the single mass flywheel and yes looking to sell it as it won't fit the mk3
  33. Any issues with the engine management light coming on ?
  34. no, nothing light never came on
  35. So r26r clutch and smf for up to 300ftlb is ok yes ?
  36. Thats what i had and mine was running 360ftlb
  37. I’ve been looking at helix organic but very expensive.

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