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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by SimonUK, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Actually you can't.
    They dont have moulds or whatever they use for every size option
  2. -Jamie-

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    You sure? Before I got my 17x9s I had enquired about a set of 17x9 Et42 1.2s without the embossed writing on the rim and was told they can make them, but the wait for be months as it wasn't a size they did normally.

    One of my mates ordered 2 sets of 18x10s for his trackcar at the start of the year, again in custom specs and they only arrived a month or so back [emoji849]
  3. Been having an issue with a coolant leak where one of the fittings was rubbing against the firewall so have re-plumbed the lines to give more clearance. Space is quite tight behind the turbo but managed to gain access by removing the top two engine mounts and pulling the engine forward. All back together now!

    Fitted a Skoda splitter and also some bonnet vents to help keep the bay cool. A bit marmite, but I think they look great!

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  4. They look good
  5. ianplymouth

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    Hi Simon
    I actually like those vents, also pleased you have the turbo cooling pipe sorted, are we going to see you at Silverstone or Bedford ???
  6. Probably won't get a chance to get back out on track until next year now :worried:

    Got the MOT coming up soon. Thinking of getting a temporary CAT installed that can be easily swapped in and out for the MOT. Anyone done this before?
  7. Pretty sure that’s exactly what Dale1uk has just done Simon. See his post in ‘what have you done to your car today’
  8. Big Uno

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    Are they the vents I gave you Simon? Sure I bought them as spares for the RS but they were not genuine ford and didnt fit? Actually looks quite good with them on though!

    Let me know how you are getting on!
  9. Yep they're the ones you gave us in the box of spares :smile: I think they look great! Really love how it sits on the new wheels too.

    All is going well. MOT is due so am working on getting a cat installed that can be swapped out quickly with a straight pipe.
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  10. -Jamie-

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    How's this going Simon?

    If you ever think of selling it, let me know :smile:
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  11. What a car, hope to see it out on track some day..
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  12. Just had a read through this thread, great thread.

    Engine looks very nicely done aesthetically.
    What is the spec?

    Also, can i ask what gauges you fitted?
    We are looking to fit boost, oil temp and oil pressure gauges.

    Recently did this on the Evo but the gauges you have look to suit the Meg quite nicely.
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  13. Car is going great! Have had it out on track a couple of times at Abingdon and Silverstone. I'm really impressed with the power delivery on track, I was worried it would be too much power for the chassis but that doesn't seem to be the case! On the road it is a handful... but on track it really shines. It just keeps pulling and pulling!

    Engine is fully forged and running a Garrett G25-550 turbo @ 430bhp
    The engine was built by Big Uno: His build log is here: http://rsmegane.com/threads/big-unos-r26-project-engine-build.15621/

    Regarding the gauges - I went with Prosport Evo boost, oil pressure and oil temperature. They have a warning feature that be programmed when oil pressure / temperature is out of spec. I've been impressed with the oil pressure and temp gauges but have had a lot of issues with the boost gauge reading incorrectly. Am currently experimenting with relocating the boost sensor to see if that solves the issue.

    Here's a pic from a recent track day at Abingdon with some of the other guys off the forum.

  14. ianplymouth

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    Nice black Megane in the middle of them others :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    @SimonUK , just go for an old school gauge, one without the electrical bit on it, a straight gauge with an air pipe to the gauge, i have had two of the electronic ones and both failed within weeks.
  15. It's been a while since the last post, so thought its about time for an update on the changes that have been made to the car in the last year.

    Boost gauge is working fine now that the sender has been moved from the engine bay into the car. The heat from the engine bay was causing the electronic sender to play up.

    We've put a set of stiffer springs on the rear. Have gone from 4kg to 7kg.

    New Evol Engineering Engine torque links and gearbox mounts which have made a huge difference to how the car feels.

    Just fitted a set of DS 1.11 pads on the front. Will be interesting to see how they compare to the Performance Friction pads when on track.

    And finally we've fitted a quick release cat which will make it much easier when it comes to MOT time. The cat uses easy to access Vbands so can be swapped out for a straight pipe in around 5 minutes!

    Photo from Simon.jpg

    Here's the straight pipe with Vband flanges welded inside and out:
    Photo from Simon (1).jpg

    Here's a picture from a track day at Silverstone. The car really shines on this circuit. With the extra power from the Garrett turbo,it really comes into its own.

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  16. Out of interest did you notice an power drop off or delivery changes with the cat in place ?
  17. I can't say I did but the cat was only on for the 15 minute drive to and from the MOT station! I didn't really get a chance to push it too hard.
  18. So I take it it passed the mot no problem ?

    What cat did you fit ?
  19. Yes passed the MOT OK. The cat was a 200 Cell universal sports cat from Darkside Developments.
  20. We need to fit a cat to meet timeattack reg’s. We will probably go with a redback racing 100 cell, although they state it may not pass a uk mot. I’m worried that a 200cell may have an adverse affect on power.
  21. What size tyres are those r888r ?

    Great build!
  22. Tyres are 235/40/18

    Had an awesome day at Bedford last week. Car was running great and absolutely faultless all day long.

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  23. ianplymouth

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    Getting it ready for Silverstone on the 27th then Simon :sunglasses::sunglasses:
  24. Sadly it clashes with my girlfriends birthday so the one day of the year I'm not allowed out for a track day :tearsofjoy: Sounds like it's going to be a bit of a Megane takeover though!
  25. ianplymouth

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    Come on Simon, you have really got to get your priories put right :laughing::laughing::laughing:, i think its going to be a right scream .
    how about Donington and Snetterton as a double in December ?????
  26. Car looks great, what cooling components are you running on this?
  27. Doesn't look like they'll be any track days for a little while :cry:. Would like to try Snetterton sometime, have not done that one before!

    Cooling system is fairly standard. Just a low temperature thermostat. The external wastegate is also water cooled. I was expecting to have to fit an oil cooler but oil temps hardly ever go much above 100C on track so no need!
  28. ianplymouth

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    yepppp looks like that's out of the window now :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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