R26 track build

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Ryan Butler, Dec 24, 2019.

  1. After owning my r26 for over a year now i thought best finally do one big update as pretty much done all i want so far :smile: spent first year doing what i wanted ready for 2020 track days!

    Sorry for picture overload!

    5fc38191767c62e1963e7dbc6a23ea30.jpg 397b38c0f4bf2780fe99348a743413d9.jpg d20eb2461d494e2be234f7fa93bdba48.jpg 5e3b1aa2e6fa8e2852bab083ab84e174.jpg 1440ac0dc4d12197bfbd038212e1658b.jpg 1e5b15ddcbb6afdf307639fec4990b25.jpg a09745aa289448de501a7b86847d57d1.jpg 248259c05e13ef05e68135d407ac84a4.jpg 24e1627b38271529ec29d3de60533838.jpg 2b53a31e3bb68bdff9178fdba6dc656c.jpg 64b9735cafb8d0bbe80b5faf18a97cdc.jpg e296e2ce91b8989ffdbbe2e06d6c9d16.jpg 6c05cb40f7e7d6870bb90e96a5e17949.jpg 48a294aa55305947acf17472f8510e55.jpg febdde42be664d14777aae7aa7096f05.jpg 135056721b7f9c85a5c16843e25fabbd.jpg e43a983f93f2a8881187892176bd84e3.jpg 8e1b7184b66a4389c4140366c828b611.jpg

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  2. Just trying to fix my why all my pics has spun upside down

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  3. Car looks great mate! Where did you get the cage? I'm still trying to finally get mine ready for the track after a few more years of ownership! Now thinking I need to forge the engine beforehand, as its running 302bhp and 303lbft on standard internals and I don't want it shitting itself first time out!

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  4. Cage is from Swmotorsport but got 2nd hand yesterday off the facebook group! Ye im hoping dont happen to me too got RStuning "safe" map. Gonna slowly save and get a forged setup over next xmas if all goes to plan lol c3891f3e1ed54b7e1cccdd19d5200dc2.jpg

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  5. Maybe I should get myself back on Facebook! Nice one mate, I'm after one myself at the moment. Which track are you looking at for the first time out?

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  6. Staying localish to me so bedford or abingdon. Im 5 miles from silverstone but far to expensive and i dont think is best track for meganes imo

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  7. Silverstone is great in a Megane, if its raining or damp it levels the playing field :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  8. For some better info since my ownership ive done..

    PS4's all round
    Godspeed j disks with ds3000 pads with braided lines and motul 660 fluid. Amazing!
    Ktec induction
    Airtec intercooler
    Heat wrapped 3" scorpian decat
    Miltek system soon to be ktec
    R26r spoiler
    Sw motorsport cage and rear strut brace
    Lowered seat rails
    Solid engine mounts and evol enginering torque mounts
    660c injectors
    Rs tuning map 278bhp 290 torque

    All have left is to fit is my battery in boot and oil catch can over next week before back to work on 6th

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  9. Little update. Got myself a spare set of wheels in good nick 3 minutes from my house! Which never happens lol. Send my ones off for powder coating but not sure on colour.. dark gold /bronze or black ready for a set of semi slicks

    Battery isnt in boot yet and probally wont be for a while now as got a small catch can self tapped into the oem air box mount.. bit bodged but it works 5d29ba0a1b883f39105b1e1bec499567.jpg d871f587a23f7a16f4d700740b8e4fc0.jpg

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  10. You keeping the Recaro’s? If not get some buckets - selling the Recaro’s will cover the cost.
  11. Was thinking of just 1 corbeau seat. £210 for 1 isnt bad. Im a bit of a hoarder so id keep both seats even if has both buckets

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  12. So youre from Australia, nice, welcome
  13. ive no idea why there gettĺing flipped! Have to start using photo bucket again

    Wheels are done though and are perfect! Heres a sneak peak

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  14. Like the colour! A bit dizzy from looking at all the pics though ha.
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  15. Got my tyres put on last night and loving the colour! Gave them a wash and sealent this morning but ran out of time for the body work lol. Looks different colour from every angle

    Finally got a daylight photo of engine bay

    <a href="http://s1151.photobucket.com/user/ryanzbutler/media/Mobile Uploads/20200118_104108.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1151.photobucket.com/albums/o625/ryanzbutler/Mobile Uploads/20200118_104108.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20200118_104108.jpg"></a>

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  16. 20200117_161555.jpg


    Finally got a daylight photo of engine bay too



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  17. Wheels look awesome to be fair!

    Not sure if the wrap on the pipe post turbo is of any benefit, the air will be hot anyway so may even trap heat? Unless it's for aesthetics?
  18. Hard to get a picture of them in good light.. and i give up with photobucket too

    More of a look for the heatwrap tbf. Will get it powder coated in future along with cold side which i still need to fit as couldnt get the original one out

    Just ordered some plain back centre caps to see me through untill i get my centre caps done in same colour with black logo 6341bb0adc71fc36d5068847b6c2c4fd.jpg 3ebf9fc3b843912459f4ed950cfc62c4.jpg

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  19. wow, thats works really well. I like that a lot
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  20. Real nice!

    Mine is such an ugly duckling compared to this lol!

    Was the cage easy to fit? Thinking of getting an sw myself.
  21. Mine wasnt best either! Just over a year and still got lots of bits the camara dosnt show

    Cant stop looking them lol. Roll on saturday so can clean whole car!

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  22. Spent saturday morning doing best i could detail lol. Polish out some swirls and a good wax!

    Then went caffiene and machine sunday with my little one and now filthy

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    01ece0688992d01cd01ec8def6035cec.jpg 97c47be3a7268576fe339b1cba194b59.jpg cebed0b833ff4155c7b66862ce3a1fdf.jpg 789bdf3dacf7bb33efd2ae34a0524984.jpg
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  23. Im pretty sure ive seen this near my mates motorcycle dyno place in Buckingham. Its a good looking car.
  24. Ye thats it mate. My sisters unit before she moves her business there so took advantage of somewhere warm to do my car lol. Some lovely sounding bikes there saturday! You local ?

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  25. I was there saturday funny enough. Im over in Aylesbury mate but have sold the 225 and bought a kit car instead
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  26. Went to silverstone saturday morning to one of the race shops to grab some bits for my harness. Never knew was shops like this right on my door step!

    Then got the cage fully drilled and bolted to floor and harness in :smile:

    Meant to be booking bedford for this saturday but as weather so bad we are gonna book for march instead it seems b436d698faa22384310c406101003378.jpg b31eec114dab75513021acd949d0d24b.jpg

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  27. Not a bad weekend..helped my boss for a hour swapping some wheels around and gave me set on semis slicks.. not the best brand but will last me few track days and won meguiars instagram comp.. cant complain 20200214_102028.jpg Screenshot_20200216-213856_Instagram.jpg

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  28. Forgot the best bit! This came today too
    Finally get rid of that shit droney milltek one off 20200217_164713.jpg

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  29. Ktec 3"???

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  30. Ow yes! Me and boss got 1 so we got a little deal which was nice of ktec :smile:

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  31. Nice! I've got the full 3" ktec system, I like it. Not too droney on the motorway, but sounds great through the revs, it accentuates the pops and bangs nicely too. I think you'll be pleased with it!

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  32. Not done a update in a year so thougjt best dump some photos here been treating me well, 3 tracks later and still loving it !

    So swapped my trendlines for these brand new cobra suzukas xl seats
    And still debating about the splitter
    And some custom centre caps as fed up having none 10313fb1b3428dab4470f18e14578de5.jpg 3fa00aa4aba98ecd5f145e3ff65f2368.jpg 8fc6c8ce432ac607b7c35ee571097433.jpg 8d11993f34889e2e0b7cd93fdbccf4a7.jpg aab784551f307aa2fe434e271989524b.jpg 29139b3fc0332927f22f7e69f2eff8f5.jpg ee7c1385f79c6a7fb52ac942fdbc1489.jpg 8c2720ab339e38eb42cbe9c616e06dac.jpg

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  33. Are the RS centres graphics to stick onto an existing centre cap or the whole thing. I was looking at some on eBay for ages and when I finally decided to get them they were no longer available.
    ...just saw it said vinyl graphics. Got a link?
  34. I found them on Instagram and there centre caps. Still need to collect from my parents. Will get pictures this weekend. just a pic from my dad lol. Sent him dimensions and design I wanted.


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  35. Popped to my parents and fully fixed the cm composite splitter.. im still 50/50 if I like it. Might look for another black gold bumper as there's no going back with this splitter! Also thought I brought custom centre caps but seems it stickers still look good though 3c424d52353a448edc31f3167e7b432e.jpg 2fa4320d2bef0d1beadf6e1be2ca3a7f.jpg e87b4f2cb7be742027094c6b239de1ac.jpg 427d5be64492c303e78ec575d7edbec5.jpg

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  36. Good build pal loving the look!
  37. Cheers mate. Loving the seats ! Was a game changer on Friday for thruxton! 2e14e6b58f2effc0a6b10ebfefef433f.jpg f286b1318ec489db07b9c3f2fd24c638.jpg ea4fc59f54a489aae2ce01f410bd315b.jpg

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  38. Looks nice and composed through the corners there Ryan.
  39. Ye felt great!. Even on budget semi slicks ! 4 x ns2r tyres ordered and rebook to go back and try get into deep 1.30s lol. Think ill be getting coilovers with my end of year bonus but untill then just gonna enjoy it :smile:

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