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  1. evening all, as per the title, i have a few knocks when i go over bumps and also play in both wheels when shaken at the 3 and 9 o’clock position so thinking about refresh.

    My first suspicions are that the bush in the steering rack is knacked. Im thinking whilst i go to the effort to remove this i might aswell do everything else. Car is an 07 plate but only done 57k so im working on the assumption that it wouldnt hurt to have a refresh.

    So Inner and outer track rods, anti roll bar link and anti rotation links are to be done at the same time.

    Questions are,
    for the steering rack do i have to drop the subframe to remove it?
    Worth doing the swivel bearings whilst im at it?
    Any tips on doing all the above, or anything you would recommend doing that i have missed?

    Ive got the bodywork tip top so want to do the same mechanically. Thanks for any help.

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  2. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  3. The trouble with any mk2 renaultsport now is,
    everything really needs to be replaced on the suspension side,at the age they are now.
    I have changed everything on mine now on 50k,to get the sharpness back.Rack bush,inner/outer arms,TR ends,swivel hubs,drop links,roll bat bushes front and rear,subframe bushes and rear arm bushes,that will almost certainly be past there best.
  4. So pretty much what im thinking up front with the edition of changing the subframe bushes. I assume yours was like a different car after all that work.
  5. yeah,its a nightmare diagnosing suspension/steering issues on these cars.
    It just seems everything seems to be past its best at roughly the same time.
    RPD is your friend for OEM parts that are not available as a pattern part.
    Only thing that still seems to be ridiculous in price is OEM Eibachs,but that doesnt effect you with your grams springs.
  6. Brilliant thanks for the info mate.

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