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  1. Hi All.

    I'm looking for some information on an R26.r I'm looking at. The reg is MF59 FKR but it did have a private reg for a while.

    The car appears like it has possibly had some work done on the sill around the jacking point. I'm ideally trying to find out what happened to it as I don't think it is factory finished. I've put some pics below, any thoughts welcome. Could it have been a bad day at the factory? Underseal seems to spread to the back of the sill but is different on the oother side.

    IMG_3550.JPG IMG_3545.JPG Other than that and a couple of things that need putting right, non-centring gear stick, new discs and provision of a cat (it's been decatted) the car is nice.

    Any help with history, previous ownership etc much appreciated.


  2. Those jacking points are totally normal mate mine are exactly the same along with the gear stick not returning to centre. Do the usual HPI check though.

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  3. Thanks for your reply. I bought the car and pretty happy with it. Agree that the jacking point is fine, just a bit of french variation I think! Has your gear stick always been like that and do you know if they were like that when new?
  4. Enjoy the car mate. The gear stick has always been the same, had the boys at Two Techs take a look and they couldn't find a problem. I put it down to the quirkiness of the car.

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  5. It isn’t a quirk of the car with the gearstick not returning.its the most common problem with these...a sticking actuator.
  6. Will tell you how to sort it when I get home.
  7. In regards to that under seal,that does look non standard.what could,and commonly does happen,is they tend to slip off the jack,causing cill damage.i actually did this myself.no real problem though.have a look to see if the paints been blended in at all further back the cill
  8. You have 2 options with the sticking gearlever.You can either get your mechanic to remove the gear selector actuator from its location underneath the battery tray.look at the arm with circlip with the blue line near the fromt of the photo.If he takes this arm apart,inside is a nylon bush that needs opening out a fraction,as in time the bush swells..grabs the shaft..and stops the gear action being smooth.
    Your other..far easier option is to contact Phil Watkins on here,or the facebook page.He overhauls the entire unit on a exchange basis,and adds the world renowned short shift mod.This will make the gearshift shorter and far more precise.

    Being a R26R..you already have a shorter throw than a R26....but Phils modification will improve this further.
  9. upload_2019-10-13_15-23-38.png [​IMG] upload_2019-10-13_15-23-38.png bush inside the unit with the circlip on it.
  10. Thanks mate some good info there, thought it was something I'd just have to live with.

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  11. contact phil in the link above....a top bloke who sells the refurbed actuator/shortshifts .
    i know he has units to go.so message him.
    honestly...if you do anything for a mk2 ..its this.It will transform the worst bit of the meganesport package, into the best.
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  12. upload_2019-10-13_21-16-1.png upload_2019-10-13_21-16-1.png

    modified unit in car...the difference is astonishing.Had one of the first ever on my own car,and still going strong many years down the line.
  13. Thanks for the info chaps. I've actually only driven the car three times and only twice for more than 10 minutes. However, in that time the return of the lever seems to have improved a lot and the gear stick now self returns quite quickly. I think I need to use the car a bit this weekend and see what happens. It was sat at the dealers since March and has done effectively zero miles in that time so maybe a consequence of sitting idle. With it how it was I didn't feel especially confident of getting 4th or 2nd on down changes. I'll see how I go this weekend.

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