R26.r ttv smf flywheel groupbuy

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by tutuur, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. There is a groupbuy, exclusively on Turborenault.co.uk, going on and i've been asked to crosspost here :smile:

    price at a minimum of 5 buyers is £310 + postage. That's £50 dearer than you'd pay normally.

    If you're interested please register your interest :smile:
  2. Where can I find the group buy on the forum?
  3. And also, did you mean it's £50 cheaper than normal :wink:
  4. Yeah that's correct. The groupbuy isn't set up yet but if there's enough interest then they'll show up in the club shop.

    would atleast need 5 though forbit to proceed.

    we now have 3 including you
  5. Thanks, keep us posted if the group buy goes ahead. Have joined turborenault but don't have any permissions to post anything yet.
  6. Will do mate
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Either the MK2 item is more expensive or TTV's prices have went up, IIRC my SMF from them was around that price direct a couple years back
  8. They're prices have went up.
  9. They're £360 atm
  10. we still need 2 people on this :smile:
  11. still the same, anyone interested?
  12. I am, need one ASAP
  13. Sign up at turborenault mate, payments being made atm
  14. Can't see where to buy it :worried:
  15. I see you've managed to find it
  16. I can still get hold of a few more of these if needed.
  17. Can we do another one of these :smile:

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