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  1. 7, cage, black wheels & Ti.
  2. 008, white, black wheels, running 300bhp.....awesome car!!
  3. 008, white, black wheels, running 300bhp.....awesome car!!
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  4. 036 Black/Red, Roll Cage, Titanium Exhaust. 9600 miles.
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  5. Does anyone own the last 3 digits YOY for sale at KTR at the moment ?

    Really like that car
  6. DUTCH:
    R26 Radicale 6/10 (only 6):
    26-HXX-8 - NR 01, geel LY
    99-HZL-3 - NR 02, wit White
    27-HXX-8 - NR 03, blauw blue
    24-JDZ-7 - NR 04, zwart black , exportseptember 2015 naar Belgium
    69-HZR-1 - NR 05, wit white, export 26-10-2011
    22-RSB-3 - NR 06, zwart black , 12-2017 ëxport to france, first:22-CD-39

    2/126 (
    NR-10-?? - NR 10, blauw /blue, (Geen kenteken aangevraagd)
    78-KHV-2 - NR 111, wit white, no cage
  7. 049. Breaking cover at Goodwood
  8. Not sure if this is the right place to mention so sorry in advance if not, but I have a black car, 103, but I really really want a Grey one and a Blue one too! If anyone wishes to sell?
  9. Sorry, love the Grey one I have in the picture, took a long time to find one for sale.
  10. Hey.

    Totally understand!

    The grey and blue are unbelievably beautiful.

    Maybe one day someone will sell...


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