R26 Miltek complete 3 system

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  1. I will get a few pics and post tomorrow. exhaust is complete exhaust (2nd system I had for the car) two parts not ever fitted, i just interchanged the mid section and rear section depending on the noise levels i wanted to run with. exhaust is modified with rear box removed and straight piped but has a slim muffler box in the mid section. makes a truly glorious noise with lovely pops and bangs. from the rear it just looks like a normal Miltek system. £350 located along m3 near j5 area.
    selling as R26 now sold
    it is a 3 inch system i believe
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  2. 20180625_171447.jpg 20180625_171509.jpg
  3. 20180625_175352.jpg 20180625_173716.jpg 20180625_173706.jpg 20180625_173710.jpg 20180625_173702.jpg 20180625_175352.jpg 20180625_173716.jpg 20180625_173706.jpg 20180625_173710.jpg 20180625_173702.jpg
  4. Quick 2 min rub with fibreglass cleaner polish as dont have metal polish....come up lovely but will come up niccer with metal polish.
    Still can't believe I polished the exhaust..... 20180628_171214.jpg 20180628_171210.jpg
  5. Clamps and mounts included by the way
  6. under offer awaiting payment
  7. has this sold pal
  8. Sorry just seen this. Been away a lot this summer. It is still available and price reduced to 300 collected
  9. Sold many thanks

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