R26 Coolant Leak

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  1. Hello

    I’m new to the forum. My R26 has been sat for a while and not been used much. I noticed a small coolant leak on floor under the engine. It looked like it escaped from the coolant tank as all over the engine too. No obvious signs of leaks from pipes. It doesn’t loose coolant any more but I noticed the coolant tank is bubbling and the pipe going to it is really hot once warm. Is this normal?
    I have noticed the fan kicking in, doesn’t seem to over heat past the half way temp line but I have not run it for too long as it’s sorn. Head gasket is my worry. There is also I slight engine oil leak which I wonder if it’s related.
    Any thoughts on what might be going on would be much appreciated…
  2. When my old R26 did this it was the radiator that was leaking, there was coolant on the engine after it had been driven and under the car too when I'd stored it in the garage during winter.

    Didn't have any overheating issues either and if I hadn't noticed the coolant tank was low I wouldn't have even noticed, other than the few drips on my garage floor.

    Common issue on these as they corrode on the corners especially now the cars are getting older so it's definitely worth checking.
  3. Thanks Matt9566 much appreciated for the response. That does sound similar to mine. I have it booked in next week to be checked over. Assuming from your profile picture you now have the next generation megane to the R26. Having had both, how do they compare? Interested as I have been looking at them recently…
  4. I've not actually got that one either anymore, I went 275, R26 and that was a facelift 265.

    I used both Mk3's as my daily car, loved them, both had Recaro's, more modern inside, more comfortable and drove really good. I don't think I could really fault them (other than the 275's gearbox needing a rebuild) They're just an all round newer car and it feels like it, but personal preference I think they are maybe too easy to drive and lose a bit of rawness..

    I definitely miss my R26 the most, I just think they're so special and feel so much more like a true hot hatch. I did use mine as a weekend/good weather car, I'd have found it a little hard to daily, although I did as much as I could in the summer!

    I preferred the looks, my R26 drove better than both Mk3's in my opinion, although it had had a full suspension refresh etc so that probably helped. I just don't think they make them like the R26 anymore, I went in to a almost new Cupra 290 after mine and honestly, I'd much rather have an R26 and a nice daily... which is where I'm at now and if the right one comes up I'm really tempted to get one for the Summer.
  5. Thanks for the info, useful to know. I do love the r26. I took it out for a quick blast today for the first time in 6 months and forgot how good it was. I’ve got no over heating, fan is kicking in for a short while and I’ve got bubbling in the coolant tank which I’m concerned about. Some people say this is normal and some say head gasket. Any ideas? I’m taking it in on Friday to check everything including the rad you suggested. Cheers

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