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  1. Anyone know what can cause the silly amount of free play in my clutch peddle? Was like it before a clutch change and after a clutch change
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    is the return spring broken?
  3. No the spring is fine seems like there's not alot or pressure until 50mm of play gets taken up then you feel the resistance
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  4. Been looking could be a faulty clutch master cylinder?
  5. Mine was exactly the same before it then started hitting the floor and not coming back up at all and the master cylinder basically gave up the ghost. If you can get it to a garage asap. Surprised the cylinder wasn't changed though?
  6. The slave cylinder was replace on clutch change in thinking master cylinder what's attached to the clutch peddle?
  7. Dragging this back from the dead but this is exactly what mine is doing!! Did anyone find a resolve??
  8. Hello,
    it´s 2 months ago but anyway I would like to respond. On my car is a very similar failure, I´m German and my car is LHD, but doesn´t matter for the funtion. I guess you have a loss of brake fluid, maybe you ´ve fixed it in the meantime, please tell us if so. The pedal sinks down and becomes increasingly softer and doesn´t release the clutch any more correctly.
    The question for the reason: I could be the master or slave cylinder (central release device what presses directly on the clutch pressure plate inside the clutch bell. If so, usually there´s a puddle of brake fluid underneath the gearbox. If the master cyl. leakes, it´s something more complicated cause sometimes it leakes to the outside, but sometimes to the inside and you don´t see any leakage. But there´s one more reason for a leakage: The clutch hydraulic lining from master - to slave cylinder includes a damper valve just 1/3 after the master connection, it looks like a black pot with 2 inches dia. This one is also known to fail over the years. It leaks very small amounts of liquid, after months or years the reservoir for the clutch becomes low and some air will get into the clutch lining, causing the soft pedal what you feel. It´s a bit dangerous cause after longer time the brake reservoir will also become low, but you will not run into brake problems because the clutch function will be affected so much that you are forced to look for that first. To check it, you have to remove the battery and case and the air filter housing to get access to the lining. Then you can feel underneath the pot if it´s moist from brake fluid.
    If the damper pot is not completely failed or broken, you can fill up new brake fluid, bleed the clutch and it will work like new, but again you will get problems after time.
    Hopefully I will get my new hydr. lining tomorrow and can fix the problem. The most important ist to make sure it´s not the slave cylinder what would be fixed only with removing the gearbox what´s not really a pleasure if you doing it by yourself.....
    My Renault dealer told me that the slave is not prone to crack on the MRS3.
    If the lining is dry and not suspicous and the slave ok as well, it looks like the master what´s relativly easy to remove from the car inside.

    @Stephen, did you fix it in the meantime?

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