R26 BJ 2008 Forged in Glacier White - No.3028

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  1. R26 GW 2008 - No.3028
    57000 miles

    Mods/work done since owned:

    Clutch + Flywheel
    Wiper cowl drainage hole fix
    New Window Door Rails and Motor Driver Side
    Wheel controls w/ aftermarket radio
    Exhaust - Mid Box Delete
    KTEC KTR Induction kid
    Michelin PS4 all round

    Bought this from the place I said I would never buy from - anywhere near Birmingham, and I have no doubt paid the price for that (this was in Wolverhampton) Paid around £5,700 for it, middle of 2020 which seemed very average pricing around then.

    Had done minimal miles during its past few years ownership so was a bit sceptical, but it drove very well. Previous car was a Skoda Octavia vRS mk1 which handled like crap.

    Drove back to Essex where I am based, and was happy for a while.

    Never driven a car with an LSD, especially on a FWD, and it has blown me away. Any misconception of RWD vs FWD, in fast road use, is irrelevant to me now.

    20200825_164919.jpg 20200825_164910.jpg

    Had Mid box delete jobby done to it 2 weeks later as I needed more noise! It was so quiet.

    Took a lovely drive into London for the first time (after hours). Then things started going wrong.


    The Day after getting the Mid box and driving into London, it developed a slight issue which has now cost me big time.

    When depressing the Clutch, the car would start clicking from somewhere.

    I thought it was the Clutch/Flywheel, so went to the local reputable garage and they replaced it, with OEM prices, we all know the cost... :worried:. They fit and notice the flywheel is smashing against the block.

    With the sump open they find a mangled Thrust Washer. This is the first I have heard of them! Spent many days and nights researching them after that so I think I am well versed now lol!


    The garage said they can replace the washers, as the scoring wasn't that bad. I didn't want to forge my engine 1 month after ownership.. The job was done, and I was on my way.

    Incredibly paranoid for coming weeks, but the issue never came back and I was enjoying the car for once.

    Bought new PS4 Mich tyres, bought a KTR Induction kit during Black Friday, fixed window regulators, sorted drainage holes, the usual Megane stuff.


    Within a few days of fitting the KTR Induction Kit, yeah, you guessed it.. the clicking came back.

    This happened 1 day before I was due to drive home to Plymouth to see my parents for Christmas - that same evening it happened, Boris said Essex was in Tier 4 and we couldn't leave anyway.

    I messaged AW Motorworks Ltd in Essex as he has a great reputation, and subsequently has a long wait list.

    I have been using my other car, a lightly modified 1990 MX5 1.6, stock internals, but with HSD coilovers, Rota Grid V's and some chassis stiffening, in the meantime. I have never driven it in the winter months, and thankfully as I have been working from home since March 2020, the risk of crashing/or being crashed into, is very minimal nowadays.


    2 months later, late February 2021, its en route to AW Motorworks.

    Same day, he has already checked the engine, and the thrust washer is bopping about at the bottom of the sump again.

    I had a few options going through my head.

    - Sell it broken
    - Replace with donor engine
    - Forge the engine

    Broken price was far too low, replacing with a donor engine when the mileage was very low for an R26 felt wrong and potentially have the same issue, or more, again.

    I decided to go ahead with AWMotorworks forge engine.

    I was in this scenario 5 years back with my 2009 Mini Cooper S, which was Stage 2, incredible car! but the Pistons went bang, twice... I decided to bin it off, sold as damaged, and move on.


    I do regret that decision, but I didn't have the money at that point.

    With deposit paid to Alex at AWM, he has started sending me progress shots of the parts, and hopefully the build if he gets time.

    image_2021-02-24_125813.png image_2021-02-24_125834.png

    With the price of these R26's going for silly money these past few months, it kind of makes sense to hold on to this one for as long as I can.

    Made this post for my future self, and whoever is interested right now.

    Its a very basic bitch R26 at the moment, but I plan to make this a "track weapon" as they say.
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  2. Nice car, i love a white R26 with black rims. I love the contrast, anyway shame about the engine issues and hope you get it back soon and enjoy it. really pleasing to drive these and put a smile on your face every time. I love mine even in a diesel version, the handling is phenomenal
  3. Looks good - shame about the engine but will be good when it's all sorted! Looking forward to see how it goes
  4. Nice write up and great looking car. They inspire love these cars don’t they? I’ve come back into owning a Mk3, having lived with an R26 a few years ago, and comparing the two, I think I prefer the R26 to drive, rather than the 275. I remember it being just more connected and more immediate if that makes any sense. Trouble is, they both splash the cash when they feel like it! I just did my gearbox, which was unplanned, just like it was on the R26, and it has cost me plenty, oh yes. Be nice to hear what happens on your build.
  5. I see this down at Alex's today. Looks really clean. I've just had my GW R26 forged by him and its sweet as a nut so far. Shes in safe hands pal

    Where in essex are you?

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  6. Probably seen mine in there [emoji23] 3b71bdcc7ccc3bdfc255dc777196e458.jpg

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  7. Looks great in white, shame about the problems!

    Any idea as to why they would fail twice?
  8. The prior owner had all wheels refurbed so they look nice and fresh! But then ruined it by putting those manky rim protectors on.. Deffo would have considered a Diesel one, economy and handling package looks fun!

    Thanks! Cant wait to drive this paranoia free for a while!

    Thanks. Yeah, it was always a car I had wanted, I bought other cars in the meantime as I was stingey and didnt want to spend the money, but after only having it like 6 months, I have barely had the chance to scratch the surface!

    Shame about your clutch. The prices are ridiculous! Does the Mk3 feel better in the cabin, slightly more well put together or much the same, French plastic haha?

    No way! Amazing. How long ago was yours forged, and how long did it take? Not in an immediate rush for mine, as the money is eye watering lol!

    I am in Basildon area, moving to West Midlands soon though. How about you?

    Your one looks lovely! Plate too, perfect lol.

    Cheers! Yeah its a shame, trust me to get the dogged one.

    I am not sure as to why it happened twice. Both times it happened very shortly after modifying it, I honestly don't know if its a coincidence, or the change in airflow may affect it? Just wild conspiracies my end.

    I asked Alex at AWM, and he said, possibly just a bad egg from the factory, a bad clutch was fitted, or someone was riding the clutch, or had it depressed overly long. Its a weird one, it seems like it can happen to anyone, any car, at any time, but without a viable cause.

    I asked Alex to inspect my Gearbox just in case the issue goes deeper.
  9. Very recently. Probably 3 weeks ago

    It dont take that long bud. Mine was a bit longer as I was waiting on parts and had bits shot blasted ect

    I'm in canvey so only a stones throw away from ya. Oh really? When you moving there? Thanks mate :smile:

    Oh bloody tell me about it. Its eye watering money. I think I've thrown 7k at my build [emoji23][emoji23] when it's done drop us a message on here or insta Kyle_r26 Theres 2 of us GW megs on the island. Well meet up

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  10. Still with Alex! Not a problem, can save more monies :sweatsmile:

    Sweet, I have added you in Insta, wonder when this build will be done! You got a build thread on here at all?
  11. Currently still with AW Motorworks, no immediate rush for it back, especially with the sun coming out I will be driving the MX5, as its in its natural habitat anyway now!

    Progress pics from Alex below.

    Had the issue with the Gearbox slipping out of 2nd gear when blipping it, luckily he says it required some detent springs to fix the issue. Was hoping it wouldnt be another rebuild lol!

    162965456_261719245506977_2042600280197918264_n.jpg 163418872_811406976129788_4985180455717638442_n.jpg 163588334_234204368406493_8779701830922095606_n.jpg 165846681_1072687759893875_3340156608453358903_n.jpg

    Below is a picture of the cams/rocker... I am guessing this could be one of the causes of my washer issue, maybe? :grimacing:

    Alex believes this was due to its prolonged period of inactivity, and moisture had crept in, which adds up, as it has had several years where it was SORN prior to me purchasing it.

    Quite shocking really, I have never seen anything like this before, and especially wouldnt expect it on a 2008 vehicle - but then it is French :grinning:

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  12. Ah top man yeah I got ya on there now. Progress is looking good. Mine will be back there end of the month via the RAC [emoji23] I've kinda broke the gearbox [emoji24] pretty sure I've bent a selector so shouldn't be worst case scenario. Yours wont be long now...exciting times for ya

    Got no project thread on here.

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