R26 alloys with all season tyres

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  1. Hi

    new to Meganes so be gentle with me.

    for sale is a set of R26 18” alloys with all season tyres with good tread.

    came with a car and not needed.

    located in Ayrshire, Scotland



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  2. Price required please
  3. £800

  4. IMG_8031.jpeg IMG_8036.jpeg
  5. £600?
  6. £500
  7. Do you know if they would fit a Mark 3
  8. Sorry but no don’t think so.

    different stud pattern I’m sure. 5x108 on these and 5x114 I think on the mk3.

    unless someone on the forum knows different?

  9. ianplymouth

    ianplymouth RSM Club Member

    You are correct, mk3 wheels won't fit a mk2, or vise versa
  10. Many Thanks Both

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