R26 alloys and Brembo break pads

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Strell2, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    For sale is my r26 alloys wrapped in federal 595 all with 4+mm tread, in anthercite and in really good condition.
    Looking for £300 collected from Lincoln

    Brembo break pads new, £40 collected
    A41D1501-2DCE-41B6-B036-6FBA690DA0D5.jpeg 10811042-0A61-4422-AF32-91C18E57B23D.jpeg 0791D9AE-BEA3-497E-AD4F-78DF4242ABC6.jpeg 4A2C7150-EC9F-4E96-BAEC-892C30F1D294.jpeg
  2. look out for the spelling police!
  3. Poppaboost

    Poppaboost RSM Club Member

    They look suspiciously like the wheels you got through me 2 months ago for £250!
  4. Yes as my car is sold, I’d take £250 for them. Put 300 as people will no matter what offer lower like I did as they was asking 300 for them
  5. what are these tyres like on the road, especially on wet/greasy roads
  6. Haven’t used them so can’t comment, but reviews says there not bad in wet
  7. i will let you know what they are like if you manage to get them wrapped up!:yum:
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  8. Are you buying them Andrew
  9. He wants to but Needs then posted and I’m don’t have the stuff to package them up or due to work have time to wait for a courier. So still for sale unless I find someone who will sit in for a day waiting for courier
  10. to be fair i am very interested too but too far fro me to travel from tewkesbury
  11. what about taking them to work for pick up?If you want to sell them. People wont travel for £250 mate.
    As i said cash here waiting.

    I will give you a extra £20 for the bubble wrap if it comes to it!..help me out here.
  12. 4 x carpet tiles for the front faces and a roll of pallet wrap is the easiest way I've found to wrap and courier wheels
  13. Pm coming your way
  14. th
    yep..thats a good idea,or you can just cut a cardboard disk to protect face,then wrap.
  15. Sold

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