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  1. Hi guys,

    I’m new to the forum and I guess I’ll start by asking for advise if you don’t mind contributing from any experience you might have or just any knowledge really.

    I recently bought myself a renault megane 1.6 as it’s always been a dream to start off my project car with one. I was just wondering what it would take to do a R225 conversion to it.

    I know it would probably be cheaper to buy a 225 But that’s not the point.

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on this
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    Hi and welcome
    There are a lot of differences between a 1.6 and a 225, so it would be better to buy a 225.

    The front suspension setup is totally different to a "Standard" Megane, the 225 has anti torque steer hubs, the 1.6 doesn't.

    The brakes will also be different especially the front ones.

    then there's the engine, N/A 1.6 against a 2.0 turbo so the ecu will be different and then getting it to talk to the bcm might be a problem.

    I see that you are 22 so 'im guessing your insurance will be an issue on a 225, but a modified 1.6 might also push the price up.
  3. Hi and welcome, you could buy a 2.0petrol non rs megane, then you can mod & tune this engine as they will be very similar.
    that might be a better start than engine and ECU swap.
    Suspension wise you can easily fit the R26 suspension to a non RS megane (I've done it on my GT), that's fairly easy but you will need r26 driveshaft assuming gearbox are the same. Also the front track is wider on Megane RS compared to a Non RS car thus the driveshaft change.
    Rear is also wider track and bigger brake.
    Talking of brakes, front is 4 pot Brembo and rear is single pot. due to the fluid displacement you will need a bigger master cylinder, the 2.0dci is identical to RS model and probably cheaper, although i am sure some aftermarket exist too.
    Good luck with the project.
  4. M
    Makes quite a lot of sense, I just always preferred the 5door to the 3 door. These cars are quite hard to find in Johannesburg for a good price. thanks for your input
  5. This seems like the cheaper and easier route, I will consider as I still have quite a lot to learn. I am however reluctant to get rid of my current one as it came with the sport leather seats and the sport knob, seems like a gem in my eyes.
    Suppose I decide to keep the car, how far do you think I could push the needle on 1.6 engine or should I just Rather engine and ecu swap?
  6. It depends, i have not seen this done before but there is always a first, depends how much money you can through at it and forged engine part availability, I would start by researching engine rebuild forum and scour the internet to see how much the standard 1.6 can take, you might come close to 150-160bhp if you are lucky but that just my guess starting from 113bhp.

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