R-Sport Wimbledon Closed - New RS Specialist for London/South East

Discussion in 'Dealer and Specialists Feedback' started by scoobyr, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Posted this on renaultsport.co.uk but thought I'd post it here as well.......

    As some may already know, R-Sport have now closed their service department and moved out of their unit in Wimbledon. R-Sport will continue, but will only be supplying motorsport parts from now on.

    For those that don’t know, R-Sport were an official Renault service centre, but also prepared and worked on The Clio Cup race cars. Before they became R-Sport in 2000, they were Radbourne Racing.

    I’ve been using R-Sport and before that Radbourne Racing (before they became R-Sport) since the early 90’s. This is a real shame as no other dealer I’ve used over the years has ever come close in terms of knowledge and expertise when it comes to fast Renaults.

    The good news to come out of all this is that main mechanic Andrew Cochrane, will be setting up himself as an independent Renaultsport specialist. He started at Radbourne Racing in 1992 as an apprentice, he actually worked on my Clio 16v and then my Williams all that time ago! So he was Radbourne Racing from 1992 and then R-Sport from 2000 up until last month. He is a Renault RTE (Renault technical expert ) and now called Master tech since 2002, he has many years experience working on all Renaults, in particular Renaultsport models and motorsport, working on and preparing the Clio Cup cars etc.

    He is in the process of sorting himself out with a new unit, which he hopes to have up and running by the end of the year, but in the meantime he is working out of another unit not far from the old R-Sport premises, in fact he actually fitted two new front shocks to my car last week.

    Anyone that knows me knows how particularly fussy I am when it comes to my car and I can honestly say I wouldn’t want anyone else working on my Renaultsport. He is an honest, genuinely good bloke and his work is of the highest standard.

    I’ll update this thread when he is set up, but anyone wanting any work doing can contact Andy as below:

    Contact number is 07914937269
    Email [email protected]

    He is keen to get involved with the forums, so I'm sure when he's set up properly he can work out some discounts for forum members etc.
  2. Great to hear someone like this is going to be in the London /south East area, thanks for letting us know scoobyr.
  3. Andy done a great job diagnosing in seconds a leaking slave clyinder and a good job fixing it. Took it for a rather long test drive though!
    Will keep an eye on this thread
  4. Handy yo know thanks
  5. Spoke to him last week, hoping to know about a unit this week, he has all the kit from R-Sport in a lock up ready to go. The other mechanic from R-Sport, Stuart, will also be joining him.

    He is currently using temporary space in a unit in Wimbledon, if anyone needs anything doing, he fitted my exhaust for me a couple of weeks ago.

    I'll update this thread when I have more news, but it is a win win for us, we now get R-Sport's expertise with independent pricing rather than dealer pricing.
  6. I'm always looking for RS specialists in the South that aren't a 3-4 hour drive away - could this be the bloke we've all been waiting for?!
  7. Yep same as ! I'm not far from Wimbledon. Work there sometimes too
  8. I emailed him a week or two about some work, but I'm just a little worried about leaving my car with a man with no premises or website or anything. He did quote a good price though...
  9. Yep, completely understandable, which is why he is desperately trying to sort out his new premises ASAP. No reason why anyone should take my word for it either, but I've known him since the 90's from Radbourne Racing days and he is 100% genuine, but the sooner he is set up the better.
  10. I popped to see my mate last night and I realised his Clio 16valver still has the original Radbourne Racing rear window sticker from when he bought it from there back in the early 90's. He used to take his clio there when it was Radbournes but didn't go back when it closed the first time round.
  11. Bought both my Clio 16v and my Williams new from Radbourne Racing, they did a few mods to my 16v and I even had RR decals down the sides (was a boy racer in those days :blush::wink:).

    The original Radbourne Racing owner retired and sold up in 2000, the old showroom is a Majestic Wines these days. Staff took over motorsport and serving from the same unit from then on as R-Sport.
  12. You'd love the Ragnotti Clio Maxi replica that my mates rebuilding at the moment. Newly rebuilt Williams engine is back in - just the exhaust to fit now!
  13. That's awesome, love that :cool:
  14. It was awesome before the head gasket failed - it just felt so wrong to be driving it on the road though...as if you were driving between rally stages or something!
  15. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    Is the person up and running now?

  16. I'm actually seeing him tomorrow, he's doing a service on my 250, so I'll report back once I've had a chance to have a proper chat with him.
  17. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    yeah if you could that would be brilliant
  18. Latest situation is that the unit he was hoping to be in didn’t come off, should have some more news in the near future on this.

    He is actually working at Renault London West in the meantime, but is still available to do private work in Wimbledon at the weekend (he serviced my car on Saturday). He will even travel to you if it is for something that does’t need a ramp, he’s going top come and do my belts in my garage later this year.

    He can be contacted on the number in this thread.

    I’ll keep this thread updated if there is any more news.
  19. I tried hard to get him to service my car, but he was very difficult to get hold of and didn't call me back when he promised. I'm sure he's a good guy, but despite setting up his own business he really doesn't seem desperate for work. I gave up chasing him
  20. Yeah I've tried to contact him too and no response so far
  21. There any update on this?
  22. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I've been trying to get hold of R-Sport to order some cup racer parts but really struggling which is annoying
  23. What phone numbers you trying? I ordered from them in June and got them on 07990520010. The other number on the invoice I've got is 07733330421
  24. -Jamie- as far as I know, these are the correct contact details, obviously very different since they closed their premises are went mail order only.

    [email protected]

    John 07990520010
  25. gmauluka, unfortunately the premises he had hoped to secure didn't come off, but he is currently working at Renault London West, which is where I take my car for him to work on.
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