Project Renaultsport Megane DCiR 175 Modified.

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by CJ_RSport, Jan 15, 2019.

  1. Tell me more :blush::blush:
    What is your thinking on this
  2. CJ_RSport

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    Hybrid engine, 2.0 cylinder head and ancillaries with the 2.3 bottom end. bit more torque, If I can source someone to make me custom forged rods then we will go the full haul on the hybrid engine. Having the balancing shafts removed and the SMF balanced with the engine. Lets put it this way itll be naughty if i manage to do it :tongueout: and this combined with...hopefuly a 2260 or bigger hybrid
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  3. Hi CJ
    well I've gone and done it
    I now own a 175 DCi, (3 door :grinning:) well i bought it a month or so ago, it had a bit of an issue see the video :rage::rage:

    Turns out the turbo was juffed, but before i got there i stripped and cleaned the EGR valve only to find that it had a blanking plate fitted.
    I then took off the throttle body thing and cleaned that, that made no difference.
    I had a look in the end of the turbo and it didn't look too good,

    52091961664_eae31d1b38_c.jpg Megane 175 dci by Ian Austin, on Flickr

    so i trolled Ebay and found an Espace one for not a lot of money, i tried to get the turbo off with the engine in place, but the bolts were so tight or seized i did my usual and pulled out the engine :laughing::laughing:

    Instead of clogging up your thread i will start one for mine.
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    Awesome!! Welcome to the DCi Club :smiley:

    I can tell you straight away you have a boost leak from the turbo to IC hose straight away with that soiling there, You can get the orings for the pipe and clips still i believe from renault. see parts catalogue on the forum for the part numbers. Also check the oring on the crank sensor too. But that looks like a boost leak and explains the black smoke also. It could be mapped and have egr mapped out too if its already been blanked.

    Ill look out for your new DCI thread :smiley:

    And yess the turbo has swallowed something by the look of that. Its sometimes the insulation in the stock airbox too so rip it all out.
  5. I need to make a thread too! DCI 175 as well!

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  6. Hi guys, how we doing? Great thread!! I just picked up a 175DCI at 21 and I absolutely love it, but feel there is so much potential to uncover with a few mods as the chassis is superb. @cjr_sport awesome build man, hats off. I'm definitely picking up some cooksport springs. And 20mm spacers at the rear for sure. I'm wondering about your cold air feed set-up and exhaust.

    I saw you're running Ram Air Cone filter, have you got a link for where you find 175 parts like this? Are they the same as the 225 most the time? Also, last question, what exhaust are you running? I love to round tips of the R26 and would love to get an exhaust system similar to yours in the way you've got it looking from the rear.

    Cheers for the thread, hoping we can keep this thread going and make it a home for the 175 as I can't see to find much about these cars! Thanks in advance mate, top job! Car looks mega.

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  7. Hey guys,
    I have seen your cars and all the time and money u have put in and we cant finish the 175dci thing here. I also have one of these, mines 5 door version. At the moment i have a ful straight pipe exhaust a blanked egr valve and abulit in sports air filter from K&N. The car also got the tune and currently running 215hp and 470Nm. Im also looking forward to build this thing to another level.

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  8. Hello,
    I am planning to remap my dci175 this week, you achieved 215hp/470nm without DPF delete?
  9. Downpipe 3,5 inch and a full straight pipe 3 inch + K&N air filter

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