Project Renaultsport Megane DCiR 175 Modified.

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    Well its been a long time since I've been on here. So i thought it be best to get a project thread up.

    Unlike most I'm a huge diesel fan, my background comes from peugeot 306's mainly the diesel turbo, I built a few of these running high boost on TD04 hybrids with Modified diesel pumps, then stumbled across the Megane in a diesel.

    Its been a great car for years, however i was getting bored and rather than chop it in for something newer, I decided I would put some money into it as I really cannot fault it for handling and performance and most of all MPG haha.

    So it started by saving up and building an array of parts

    Id got the following all together to overhaul the DCi

    New Variant Cooksport lowering springs
    Complete Cup suspension dampers R26 as preferred damping rate combined with cooksports
    New top mounts
    New drop links
    New anti rotation links
    Powerflex black series bushes on both front wishbones all around.
    TRW balljoints
    Tie rods replaced 12month ago
    TFD steering bush
    Rear purple powerflex bushes
    Front and rear caliper rebuild kit and Candy orange HT paint
    New rear discs
    New Brembo (until track ready) brake pads all round
    AC Delete pulley
    Pair of Buckets
    Harnesses and all fixings
    Steel box section for seat fixing
    LSD from a 250 cup
    SMF Kit and Custom made Paddle Clutch
    New Sump pan
    RamAir Cone filter
    Direnza IC with adapted connections
    Oil Catch Can
    Rear 20mm spacers
    Powerflex ARB bushes (need to fit)

    Then I got to work


    Dropped everything out in one so much easier than trying to tackle the turbo and gearbox.


    Then it was gearbox off for it to be sent off to the gearbox shop to have the Diff put in along with a full bearing overhaul. 5th and 6th bearing were shot but had no vibrations or noise. would only been a matter of time. I decided to stick with the stock box, but i do also have a few other variants of the PK4 box from a laguna which im interested to find out the ratios of. if anyone knows anywhere i could ifnd info regarding ratios for different boxes please let me know.

    But anyway we rebuilt the box and I'd had a custom paddle clutch made for good money, tried loads of places with no joy even sending some paces the donor friction plate to dismantle but most manufacturers these days put anti tamper lugs on so they cant be re lined. So i had a full replica made but in a paddle form.



    With stronger load springs and material capable of well over 500ft lbs of torque.

    I hear story's of oh itll snap the crank and itll do this, yet to actually see one suffer from this.
    Im confident with my setup and how well the engine had been looked after in the 5 years of ownership. I do plan on removing the balancing shafts but I will be getting the bottom end re-balanced if I do just to be safe.


    The old DMF was f****** to say the least. it had started slipping at 350ft lbs but had held this a while. it has so much play both ways too suprised it didnt explode in all honesty.

    Then as far as i know the first in the UK maybe further afield to run a paddle clutch on a DCI175 Especially a 250mm clutch.


    Now when we had the friction plate made it came out about 1.2mm thicker than the original, we did worry it might catch an the pressure plate spacing, however we forgot upon fitting and thankfully it worked a treat straight from the off. nice and easy to bleed up, must be a better design than the petrol as always hear of people struggling for a peddle etc. its done a few thousand miles now and took some abuse and holding strong as i predicted.

    Rear Axel Refreshed



    Then The fronts

    All new polybushes and Balljoints


    Brakes Rebuilt and Painted



    While i was doing all this i decided to replace the cam chain although they are pretty reliable when serviced regular. and we found the cam to be a tooth out. havent noticed any difference but have changed a lot than just correcting the timing a tooth wouldnt be that noticable i dont think.

    I replaced the bottom pulley and also removed the full AC system, I had a shim fabricated and found a pulley for a 7 rib belt irrc to go in place of the ac pump using the bolt hole for the ac. the shim making the pulley sit in the right location for the rerouted and shorter belt id found.


    Then we put the lump back in



    Direnza IC Fixed in place


    And then it was nearly complete,


    I had to fit the spacers and ended up putting some PS4 rubber all round. Luckily found an R26R spoiler in the exact same colour too :smiley:


    And this is where i am up to at the moment.

    I dont have a clue on figures at the moment but I gave a friend a run in his 300hp R26 and he couldn't catch me on a few blasts and levelled me on some also. couldn't edge on me though and I've yet to have it mapped so its going to be interesting to see what figures we can pull

    Im confident we will see figuires over 250hp and plenty of torque.

    Will update soon with some interior pictures and hopefully a Dyno print out as soon as we can get it booked in around work.


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    Oh and I Fixed a common boost leak on the dci, terrible design putting a hard plastic onto metal.

    A good tip for fellow dci owners, silicone repair tape around the metal creates a perfect air tight seal. Thank me later :wink:



    I thought new boost pipe would solve the problem but it didn't so ended up thinking of this. I also used this on the metal pipe from the throttle body. totally eliminating previous boost spike.
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  3. look great thread, following closely as i am wanting to do a similar project with the turbo, i have seen the espace turbo as a straight fit so very interested, why the IC when the DCI can run a lot of power and is quite big already compared to the petrol ones?
    Did you find the info on gearboxes, if you have the Renault workshop manual for them it will have all the ratio for all DCI with PK4/PF6 gearboxes.
  4. CJ_RSport

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    Cheers buddy. The espace turbo is an ideal candidate. When we checked my engine on the turbo centres database it actually listed it as for my car but I've never come across one with a 1752 you usually see some with the 1749 as found on the Laguna. Whether they came like this or they've been changed to a 1749 I don't know.
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    Forgot to mention we did see a 6hp rise with this intercooler but couldn't guarantee ambient temps were the same when we tested it as was a few days between.
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    So we now have the headlights in :smile:

    But got a new rhino lip on and gave her a good clean this weekend.

    Also had catch can anodised in orange of course and fitted this







    Ive just purchsed some 250 calipers and discs, discs sent off to be drilled out and calipers being painted this week :smile:
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    So I had some free time this Bank Holiday weekend, Changed the oring on top boost hose, as found some fouling around the turbo.


    Got out for a good blast too, not really had much time to give it a right good thrashing on some A and B roads but found some national speed limit ones and really pushed it. Really happy with how the suspension setup is. Probably going to fit poly arb bushes to reduce the roll a tad. But there isnt much roll in all honesty. Its planted think the extra weight up front helps with this.



    Cracking weather too.

    So while it was arm i made a start painting some bits. Bodyshop painted handles and door bullets black a while ago but I've not been keen all blacked out. So Hit the local paint shop up for some 205272 Gris Met paint (R26 anthracite) for some spare handles and bullets.



    Really happy with these as they match the wheels, my headlight inserts and the 197 diffuser that will be also this colour. The stock colour doesnt really match anything so this is a nice finish to the exterior. may colour the renault sport lettering in but its a delicate operation, unless someone knows an easy way to paint raised lettering?

    Then made a start stripping, cleaning and sanding the 250 Caliper kit I got.

    Managed to get one done and really happy with the finish. Candy pearl orange the same as the rest of the car parts.




    More to come....
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  8. Nice project, How do you find the cooksport springs, lot of people find them crashy and not ideal for UK roads?
  9. CJ_RSport

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    Im still waiting for someone to explain this crashy feel. Yeah don't get me wrong on a shit surface (ie pot holes and major bad surface) they are but I think the majority of springs would feel the same. Its a combination of damping and springs so thats why I cant get my head around people calling them crashy, I noticed on my old shocks they felt a bit more crashy than normal ut they went in the bin and i got new shocks which improved it overall.
    My question for others are when are they crashy and how old are the shocks, this no one ever explains haha

    Its a spring designed by a racing team specifically for these cars. I love the feedback and firmness of the cooksport. Used them for many years and cannot fault the handling with them on. On a typical bumpy road they dont feel crashy to me they hold the car really well especially as were running more weight up top. on a terrible road they're awful but find me an aftermarket spring that isn't crashy on a shit surface :wink:

    Too many people go grams thinking theyre getting a better product. show me the time and effort that went into grams other than it just being a sales opportunity for said company who pushes them...
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    So we now have the 250 big brakes fitted :smile: thanks to Mark Black at Midlands Renault Specialist

    And I should have got these ages ago they're epic with the Brembo HC combo and PFC-z rated pads and Hel lines.



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  11. they do look good, i bet stopping power is much improved, from 312 to 330mm diameter
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    340mm the Mk3 HC Brembo and yes indeed they are epic not driven much just bedding them in last night on the way home but the difference is night and day compared to the mk2 stock setup
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    And a big thank you to a fellow member @ds197 who sold me the brake kit, thanks again Davinder
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  14. No worries at all mate :smile: They look bloody awesome! Kind of wish i'd kept them now :wink:
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    So as some may know a few of us on here went to Le Man last week to watch the all famous 24 hour race, so I decided to get the car stickered up with some livery for a laugh.

    As you may have noticed i kinda like orange so this is how it turned out.


    A few on Le Mulsanne chicanes





    1100 mile trip 45mpg faultless all the way there and back. Just need to get a track day arranged once final map is done
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    So for years owning the DCi I've noticed the vacuum system isn't really designed for these engines being tuned. Even more so with a bigger Hybrid installed.
    The m9r DCi creates vacuum via a vac pump unlike a petrol engine. These cars rely so much on this setup for turbo geometry accuracy. I've noticed for a moment after braking you find the turbo takes a short period to recover from loss of vac to the brake servo. Basically its quite laggy after being on or even just dabbing the brakes.
    After lots of testing I found these vac pump setups struggle to keep the vac supply to the turbo consistent, mainly when braking and high up the revs, as they generally don't rev as high being a van engine.
    So I've made this DIY Vacuum Store for the VNT system. No more lag after braking and boost holds better up the top of the revs. Result So its now stable and ready for mapping.

    I've also got my 4 bar map sensor ready to fit and dial in, so just waiting on Dyno time with Dervtech then we can actually see what this DCiR is pushing power wise


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    So ive been quite busy this weekend...

    Ive also been looking at IC spray kits on the lives of evo's etc. and wanted to incorporate one into my build as they are proven to work. Ill be doing some testing on the dyno to see how much this actually drops inlet temps not that they are an issue. But extra cooling always helps.

    So i plastic welded some nozzles into place in the bumper so its full stealth.


    Got a little Universal Windscreen Jet kit but replaced the weak pump with an original spare megane one (much more powerful) and it works as it should just need to work out where to wire into the interior that has enough amps as to not blow a fuse. any ideas welcome. for time being going to use a cigarette lighter plug rated at 5a.

    The system being tested... if video links work


    Managed to paint my horns all matching too :tongueout:

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    So we have some figures from our first tuning slot, back in in a couple of weeks to get a little more out of it, but up to now we managed 245hp and 370ft lbs. Not as high as I expected to be honest but more than enough as it feels like a rocket with the torque made. I will post dyno printouts when I'm next down there as we ended up finishing real late and I forgot it.

    We now believe it should easily see over 250hp which for this engine is quite some going, when i got the car it pulled 162hp and 260ft lbs. which is a few hp under stock 172hp and 265ft lbs. But with a gain of 83hp and 110ft lbs it certainly transforms your m9r traffic engine :tongueout:



    I'm hoping to get my hands on a cylinder head soon to see if there is anything that can be had by porting and polishing. time will tell :smile:
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  19. Lovely work and result, When my engine dies that want i want to rebuild and aim for the 250bhp mark, so very interesting and following closely.
    I thought i would be the first one to do such crazy thing but you beat me to it.:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
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    Why wait till it dies, give it some love :smile: I'm not quite the first but I'm hoping this will spark some interest in other dci owners and there will be many more like us :smile: I believe around these figures can be made with just a hybrid and a few supporting mods. Ive just gone to town a little. battery relocation next.

    Ive always said these have great potential and this proves it. cant wait to put it up against some petrol variants of meganes
  21. mileage (circa 197k miles) and Money really that why i wait to protect my marriage:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
    At least when it dies i can justify fixing it and it will be fresh new engine
    Can't wait really

    But yes i know a few that would love to have a more powerful diesel, noise is not great but that torque man, i want more as it is addictive
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    I'll try get some fly by and launch vids soon and you may agree they can sound pretty good for a Derv haha
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    So a bit of an update since I haven't posted much, The VNT mech on the first Hybrid failed. Which we now know was down to the oil pump starting to fail. I had fitted a new Hybrid and within a day the oil pump packed in. Luckily i was able to catch the engine within around 30 seconds of hearing the oil pump fail.

    So we got the car up in the air whipped the sump off to find it had part of the oil pump in the sump. along with losing a few teeth :tongueout:



    But a with a good clean and inspection of the timing chain and oil pump chain, we were able to save the whole engine with just fitting a new oil pump and 5w30 oil.

    Now a bit of a recommendation, change your oil pump around 120k or less :smile: I should have really done it a few years ago with the big rebuild but didn't think anything of it. They are a frictional part so over time wear and obviously break like mine. Ive been sooo lucky though catching it. I suppose its down to knowing the sound of this after 6 years ownership.

    Im now back using 5w30 as 5w30 oil will thin out at higher temperatures faster than 5w40.

    As we all like pictures here's a few of whats been going on lately...

    A few of the damaged turbo internals


    Glowies were fine


    The turbo place I use had thought impact damage was the cause but we couldn't find anything that had broken off. bore-scope used to check cylinders and glow plugs whipped out and we couldn't find anything, however there was a tiny hole in my foam air filter. So potentially something could have got in but there was no damage on the inlet wheel.
    But now knowing the oil pump was on its was its highly likely it just got way too hot as you can see the cracks from heat on the hot wheel.


    We initially thought the vnt could have been sooted up. so tried the good old mr muscle and it made no difference. It was then we realised the turbo was overboosting so ran without vac applied and got around 35psi, which indicated there was a problem. a VNT turbo like this shouldn't boost at all without vac applied. As a safety feature, so that got sent off for repair and had all new internals put in. Along with new gaskets and Air filter.


    I had a good measure up while the turbo is out too so I know I can fit a bigger one soon enough just need to adapt a 2260 when I have the funds. But I've not finished seeing what the potential of a 1756 can do :smile:


    New Unit in


    So you could say it been an eventful and costly few months :tongueout:

    While i had some free time I also made a loom for the 4 bar map sensor


    And I've also had a few spare ECU's cloned so i can run 3 different maps :wink:


    Tuning will commence soon and I'm confident we will be able to exceed 250hp and hopefully 400ft lbs, but we will see.

    Will doing a few maintenance jobs soon which ill post up too.

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  24. any updates mate?
    i have a laguna, with the 1752 turbo (as stock), laguna 2, ph2, m9r760 - and its not even renault sport, it is initiale paris, so it should be confortable, :smile: funny enough, it does run.
    i did overhaul the turbo at abt 310.000 km ( pardon my french, that is about 190 - 200.000 miles)
    i run the engine full stock, just a flash tune, with a supposes 200 hp and abt 400 Nm, but i did not take it to a dyno, only butt dyno.
    Flash has been done at abt 240.000 km, and the car now has abt 335.000 km on the clock.
    really interested of the results with 1756 or even 2260.
    Suspension is on the soft side on the laguna, and to honest the engine provides more torque than the chassis can handle, but.. there is always space for mo` powa`.
    2019-05-01 17.51.37.jpg
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    No updates Im afraid other than it maybe getting broken soon.

    I believe someone made around 300hp in Italy with a 2260 and custom IC pipework. That was once my aim. After experiencing 245hp 380ft lbs I realised I don't need near 300hp as it was an animal.

    However the clutch has just started slipping which I was expecting as it wasn't designed to last long but hold good power.

    I think I may have to look at breaking the full car soon as I don't think I'll get the money I'd want for the whole car as it is.

    The Megane m9r is no sport it's basically just a Renault Traffic engine with a fancier turbo setup. But they're a strong engine.

    Good luck with yours anyway buddy
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  26. That's a great shame, i have an Espace thats been mapped for the last 8 years to around 200hp, it not far short of 180k miles and it still pulls like a train.
    There such a strong engine, i also had a DCi 175 Megane, but it was a 5 door, if it was a 3 door i think i would have kept it, i'm to far into my 265 or i would have considered it:blush:
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  27. Such a shame to break a car like this, with all the work that went into it and good insight for the rest of us who want to modify such car. If only i had the money...How many miles on the clock?
  28. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Change of plan!! No longer for sale or breaking.

    New Stock cluth fitted for now. few niggles sorted....

    Watch this space....
  29. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    So while ive been nursing a poorly clutch I managed to get a few other jobs done.

    Including Battery relocation. total cost around £50 but looking for a suitable battery box.

    Bigger air filter, MAF should be gone soon once mapped out on the next session. And hoping to make a billet filler piece to replace the egr in situe.


    More to come....
  30. the stock air filter box has a air duct that comes from under drivers side headlight (we drive on the right side of the road) bringing cold air into the box / intake.
    isn`t that ramair sucking in hot air from engine bay?
    you have bigger intercooler than stock? cuz mine is heatsoaking already in hod summer days (35 - 40 celsius is real, even 42 sometimes).
    if you have bigger intercooler which one and does it fit "bolt on"? (no welding, cutting, grinding, just bolt it in and finish the job).
  31. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Hi there,

    Yup fully aware the stock airbox setup. After calculations the stock and the smaller ram air filter I had were not sufficient for the flow at the desired boost I plan to run. I have a colf feed pipe from the grille to the air filter and also the stock scoop without the tubing in place, which also feeds the filter. I have no heat issues and monitor air intake temps and they're fine. I may make an enclosure for the filter but we will see.

    I used a Direnza IC and welded the DCi spigots off the stock cooler as the diameters of hoses are different on the DCi.You wont find an upgrade off the shelf. As i found a lot of this stuff is custom.

    Forgive me for not going into lots of detail of individual things but ive spent a lot of time and money on this project. Some things im not giving away :wink: but im more than willing to help people modify their DCi's
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  32. Nice to see it is back on the road,
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    Not been on again for a while, just curious where are you getting your temps from to know its heat soaking?
    The OBD will only give MAF temp readings which is PRE - Intercooler.
  34. Nice to see a project turn out so well. On my Meglio, I have gone from 340, to 312 disks, and ds1.11 pads, and have not noticed the difference on road or track, perhaps because of a lighter car.
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    Thanks dude! Its turned into an ongoing project. Not sure ill ever be finished haha.

    I instantly noticed a difference but think that was partly due to sticky old calipers and shit disc pad combo. Just went for the bigger setup due to the extra weight the diesel carries. But would love to get it weighed to see how much I've reduced it.

    interesting you cant tell the difference, like you say must be down to the low weight :smile:
  36. CJ_RSport

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    A little update too. I never did like the exhaust poking out (burnt shins :tearsofjoy:) so after my bodge for Scotland. A few bean tins and some heat proof wrap. It held together for the 1350 mile trip around the north coast :tonguewink:
    But a good mate of mine sorted my exhaust out. I found a cheap old system going cheap so chopped it all up to make a fresh backbox delete.
    May just be me but i can tell a difference in the turbo spool, the extra back pressure from no leaks seems to have made a difference.


    Back to stock look :smile:


    And a few from my trip for the NC500



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  37. Live in N/E Scotland,I rarely drive these wonderful roads.Its only when other people come up, and talk about it, makes me appreciate how lucky I am.
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  38. CJ_RSport

    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    Indeed you are dude! i absolutely Love the place my first time up that way since a kid. Ill be back :wink: can give you a heads up and maybe go for a blast some day
  39. My battery is in the boot, in box with removable lid. Box came from eBay.
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    CJ_RSport RSM Moderator

    I've started a YouTube channel to do some video's and give some insight into where I'm up to and we will have some tuning videos up when I get booked in again at Dervtech.

    For now here's a little one from last night to get the ball rolling. Not the best quality but watch this space :wink:


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