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  1. Hi all,i have a redbull megane with a private plate that i would like to change.Do i have to get a retention on the plate thats on at the moment before i transfer my new one?Thanks in advance.
  2. Yes you do, you do it online now and pay the retention fee for the existing private plate, once that’s off it will revert to its original registration and you can then add the new private plate online but only after you receive the replacement v5.

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  3. Thought so,im all new to this & couldnt make sense of it.Thankyou for your feedback.
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  4. So do you actually have to put the old reg on for a few days during the transition?
  5. Yes unfortunately if you want to retain the one coming off it defaults to the original registered plate and you have to wait for the new V5 certificate to then add the new private plate.

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  6. Sorry read reply again in reality you have 2 weeks to get a plate made and put on the car the whole process is done in that time inc new plate so I have in the past left removed plate on car got V5 for original plate, applied new private plate then got plate made put on and changed insurance to save doing it twice..

    But technically you should do it twice as it say immediately.. but you need V5 to have the plates made so you can’t put them on if you don’t have them ..

    Basically it’s a pain in the arse lol

    But still easier online than in the old days where you had to drive to the DVLA local office and get it all done.

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  7. I remember buying a car from ad use that wanted to keep his plate this was 7 year sgo. Waited 6 weeks for him to get the new v5 before I bought it.

    Assume quicker online now.

    But i still hate it when someone advertises a car saying they are keeping the plate. Get it off first!

    Not sure how legal it is bug you used to be able to get plates online from places based in Ireland. Did not need v5. They advertise as show plates but they had uk legal options in terms of size and spacing,
  8. I get pressed plates off eBay and no v5 required, it’s much quicker now I got the last V5 in 2 days and plate retention is immediate.

    So now you can sell car on the day you take private plate off but they can’t see the new V5 just the old one .. as soon as you get new one you just fill in new owners transfer details online and then they then get another V5 lol

    It’s easier if you understand it but if your buyer doesn’t it can worry them.

    My RS is car 52 and motorbike 12 for me lol so done a few transfers over the years lol

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  9. So my documents have arrived today for my new plate.Going to see if i can sell my old private plate on here & hopefully get a decent price for it.

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