Prices on the up?

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by NotaDiesel!!!, Nov 21, 2020.

  1. Most second band cars seem to have seen a boost through covid, with most stuff holding the same kind of value as it was a year ago.

    But RS Meganes seem to be even higher.

    Is it just a covid phenomenon of supply and demand. Or do you think they have turned the corner?
  2. Decent low mileage, good spec mk 3 megs are very much in demand.
  3. I think so yes. When I was looking for my Trophy there was a decent choice but now so few about.
  4. As above, they seem far more in demand than ever, especially well specced ones. There’s very little 275’s for sale online and the ones that are don’t have all the desirable options.

    Saw a 29k miles, top spec one up for sale for £16k yesterday and it had sold with deposit paid within a couple of hours on one of the Facebook groups.

    Bought my 275 this time last year and they’re significantly higher at the minute, I’ve even been tempted to sell mine.
  5. Start of the year there were a couple of full spec cup-s in flare red that seemed to struggle at 14-15 k and they were 2016 cars.

    I was worried at how rapidly they were dropping owning last of the 275s.

    I know renaults have a habit of savage depreciation in the first few years before catching and levelling off as availabity drops when they get stripped and tracked. But even so it was worrying.
  6. Is there any connection to Covid? Everything, not just Megs seems to have gone up
  7. Definately covid related. But i havd been looking at fiesta st for the last year in a simal price bracket. I would not say they went up. More the same as what they were last year.

    Not sure if it will change when the virus ends. Depends if its financial uncertainty that's causing people to buy older cars or people with spare money that they have not spent on holidays,gyms, eating out etc. The later will obviously change but the former won't.
  8. Makes perfect sense.
  9. When I picked up my liquid yellow 275 megane trophy 7 weeks ago. I was the first person to call the dealership it was in. Put a £500 deposit on it. The advert was only on autotrader 30 mins when I called!! If I hadn't called when I did I wouldn't have the car just now. I put the deposit down about 11 am and when the dealer called me back at 2pm they said 5 people had tried to either purchase the car or put a deposit down on the car and by the end of the day 8 people tried to buy it they said. I have seen meganes that are around about the same age with more miles and not a trophy go for 1 to 2k more than I got the trophy for. They seem to hold there value.
  10. I was contacted a couple of times at the beginning of lock down about my own car (July 16 Cup-S, Flame Red, 13,500 miles). One guy was very keen to the point where it felt as though I could pretty much name any price (within reason)! A good Cup-S, Trophy or Trophy R will certainly hold value so long as any potential sellers don’t ‘race to the bottom’ if there are a few listed for sale at once.

    I hope I can keep the car though for many years - coming up on two years ownership. It all depends on how things pan out for me in work over these next few months.
  11. Just posted on the other wanted post looking for a white trophy.

    There is a White Cup-S. One owner 66 plate with all the options for £16k on A/T.

    Given our discussion. I think this is very well priced for that spec and essentially one of the last of the Meg 275's.

    Would be surprised is a dealer dont try & snap that up for £15k to try & resell for £18k.
  12. That's low miles.

    Its all about timing. You sell as you say when there are few cars for sale & enthusiast thats been on the hunt for a while & they will be on you instantly.

    The only thing I notice there seems to be less private sales these days. People seem to want to work through dealers which is not great for buyer or seller.
  13. That’s the one that sold over on Facebook.

    Not sure why the owner hasn’t updated the ad, but he definitely said deposit had been taken within about an hour of it being listed.

    You’re right it was a good price, I saw that sell so quick I almost put mine up for sale as it would have made me a decent profit and a years free ownership as a bonus.

    But it’s definitely staying where it is, I wouldn’t even know what to replace it with for a similar price. I think that’s what helping the prices too, there’s not much out there of a similar age, mileage and capability in the same price bracket.

    Think all 275’s with all of the desirable options ticked are very good value for money, even now the prices have risen slightly.

    Hopefully the prices stay this way, but it does only take a few to come up for sale at the same time and someone to really need the sale and drop their price to disrupt the market.
  14. I think that newer models are so pricey, high powered, complex, large, expensive to run etc. that finding an equivalent modern car is almost impossible, hence people are after a slowly diminishing number of cars.

    Even R26s seem to be going up. My first one 3-4 years ago was 3.5k but the same cars are now 4.5-5k! I paid 8k for my current one but I'm sure its in the 9-10k range now.
  15. Definately. I sold my 30k mile r26 lux in gw for £7.5k almost 7 years ago.

    If I had just licked it a garage it would be worth alot more. Even if I had done 5k a year in it I think it would still be worth the same.

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