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  1. Yes i would replace the oil pump and chain, there is no point using the old one after spending all that money on the other bits, it was a post to you and Manugtt, as what he said about the oil pump setup on the Renault engine, was just showing the wear after 115k miles.

    My mates Audi a4 chain and gear was so worn it wouldn't have lasted much longer and that was on 100k, but there known to fail.
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    When I see that, I´m imagining the chain getting out the plates at 6000 rmp...:fearscream::fearscream::fearscream::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:
    Just joking guys, the Gt turbo have the same system for crankshaft and camshaft and never seen any issue on it. It´s only that not give me any confidence!:tonguewink:
  3. 6k is nothing, i think this is the way most engines run there oil pumps, the Audi does and it also runs the balance shafts, has the same size chain as the Renault, i was to be honest expecting more wear on mine, considering it's gentle life :laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  4. now a little invention.

  5. I have a sandwich with a thermostat. then I don't get sensors.
    and that's why this invention
  6. The sandwich plat i bought has 4 ports, so i could add a cooler if needed, must be the senders that are not working, but that means stripping it again :sob::sob::sob::sob:
  7. How are you getting on with your build, you still waiting for parts ????
  8. Of course, your sandwich has shots. mine is with 0, but with 80 degree thermostat. in winter it is grateful

    I'm still waiting for pieces :cry:
  9. 2020-04-30-14-02-16.jpg
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    Puente de inyección del Mk3? Debe ser una buena mejora si vas a darle duro a ese Mk2 no?

    Mk3 rail fuel? It must be a good upgrade if you gonna drive hard that Mk2, isn´t it?
  11. Doesn't need to alter it unless he's going over 400hp, so does this tell us something :openmouth:
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  12. hahahahahahaha.
    I just prepare things. for what may be tomorrow. right now doesn't say much
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  13. what fuel pressure are you going to be running ????
  14. I have no idea. I don't even know what regulator I will put. but for now I will be of origin 3.5 surely
  15. That good, or your going to run it very rich, leave the 630 injectors out as well
  16. yes 630 and 3.5 injectors for now. later who knows. but I already have everything well prepared for a future
  17. to put an oil temperature sensor

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    Si me aceptas un consejo, yo pondría el sensor en el bloque, la medición será más exacta. Si lo pones en el cárter te marcará 10º menos como poco.

    If you take an advice, I would put the sender in the block, the read will be more correct. In you put it in the oil sump will read 10º less at least.
  19. el problema es que no hay mas tomas en el bloque. y no sabia lo de los 10 grados menos. de todas formas. sabiendolo pues es solo tenerlo en cuenta en el reloj

    the problem is that there are no more shots in the block. and did not know about 10 degrees less. anyway. knowing it is just taking it into account on the clock
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    En el 225 que tuve, puse un "T" en el agujero del manocontacto del aceite. Pones el sensor de temperatura en una salida y el manocontacto a otra y listo:wink: Recuerdo que no había mucho sitio, pero entraban bien.

    In the 225 I had, I´d fit a "T" piece in the OEM oil press sender hole. Then you fit the temp. sender in a out and the OEM press sender in the other:wink: I remember there wasn´t many room, but fit well.
  21. con lo que me cobraron por las soldaduras esas. ya lo tengo que amortizar jajajajaja

    with what they charged me for those welds. I have to amortize it hahahahaha
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