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  1. Hi, I'm from Spain and just a few days ago my r26 started to smoke through the oil dipstick, gas vent.
    The mechanic tells me that it is certain that the piston is bad and that the whole engine has to do.

    I consider myself handyman so I will try my best to learn more about this hobby that I love.

    but since I don't have great knowledge, I'm not a mechanic teacher. I also ask for help and advice, since I see many repair posts and they seem incredible!

    I know I will have to order a forged crankset and piston kit. But what else would I have to ask for? Car use is only on weekends. (mountain routes) or race days.

    I don't want more than 400hp. I think 350hp to 400hp would be a very good and fun figure. but make it reliable! Right now I have 280hp but you always want a little more!


    thanks for all the help you could give me

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  2. Almost definitely a ring land has broken, more than likely number 1 piston (gearbox end) quite a common fault if the engine has been mapped.

    You will need a set of forged pistons and rods, a must if you want to go over 300hp, cranks are very strong so no need to replace that, change the oil pump and drive chain, main and big end bearings, also worth fitting a 250 fuel rail and an uprated fuel pump, i would also fit a set of supertec valves and a set of better springs, as the original ones are two piece and the springs are a bit soft, as for a turbo a hybrid 20t should give you 360-380hp.
  3. Thank you very much for advising me.

    Right now I have installed a 250 rail with 630 injectors and mk3 sump.
    ITG admission
    milltek line
    forge valve
    airtec intercooler
    lighter clutch kit r26r
    oil radiator
    all this mechanics.

    I have solved many problems. but everything he tells me. I just have to know what springs to put?
  4. You can either use the Catcam or the Supertec single coil springs, i used the Supertec ones.
  5. things are starting to arrive



  6. Hi. I'm looking at what things to buy and now I'm a little lost.

    what would be better?


    Are you bigger
    But it confuses me that it says they are standards

    In the escape I want to believe that it is not necessary. but I am not a professional and I hope you can help me


    Is this recommended? I'm wrong?

    I am trying to find information. of these oem or larger pieces, but I don't see anything well explained. Thanks to all for the help. I promise to put pictures of everything step by step well detailed.
  7. Hi Mate
    I know the 250/265 and 275 have 6mm diameter valve stems, sure the R26 and the 225's have 5.5mm intake or exhaust stems (not sure) that's probably the reason why the different numbers, i have just received mine for the 265, the numbers are
    RIVN-28337-1 inlet 32.3mm
    REVI-28338FS-2-6 exhaust 29mm
    all you need to do is ream out the valve guides, then the jobs good to go, i did fit the over sized ones but i think the advantage is minimal

    Get the single valve springs, doubles are hard on std cams
  8. thanks mate.

    I did not know those differences of 6 mm and 5.5 mm in these engines.

    In the supertech brand I don't see a simple spring. Any recommendation?
    are these good? another brand?

    I'm watching

    Supertech part numbers RIVN-28337-2/ REVI-28338F-2 std size, 33.5mm inlet, 29mm exhaust
    Supertech part numbers RIVN-28337-4/ REVI-28338F-3 35mm inlet, 30mm exhaust

    I'm interested in bigger. since the difference is little money and if I can get some extra power. I will appreciate it in laughter
    intake valve
    exhaust valve

    but the big kit I don't see that they recommend that.

    but in this valve if I see that recommendation
    Single groove valve - To be used with keepers KPR-6S/7

    here I am a little confused

    Thanks for the help
  9. I have the Catcam springs, had them in my 250 engined 225 as well.

    If you get the over sized ones, then you are going to get the seats cut very carefully as that effects the hydraulic tappets.
    All the exhaust valves for the Megane are single grove for some reason so you need the keepers.
  10. But is there any reliability problem for putting the larger valves?

    if there is any problem. I put the normal ones
  11. Not that i am aware of, the standard valves are more of a problem, Renault valves are a two piece valve, Supertec are a one piece so stronger also the standard springs aren't that strong
  12. I understand thank you
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  13. b5ad186814ade05d9d2c4d67ab38d657o.jpg

    I know this is not necessary to repair the engine, but the car did. since this part is very hot
  14. help fellow. What valve springs do you recommend?

    Talking to my trusted mechanic. He tells me that he doesn't recommend me to mount anything of the Cat Cams brand. has had many problems with that brand in many motor assembly
  15. You can get Supertec springs but i have fitted a set of Catcam single springs, had them in my 250 engined 225, there stronger than standard springs
  16. and docks of renault clio sport? They have more RPM than our turbo engines
  17. I'm watching and this is the data of the docks

    Cat cams 30 kg in the seat and 85 kg with a lift of 12.5 mm

    supertech 37kg in the seat and 91kg with an elevation of 12.5mm

    OEM 20kg in the seat and 67kg with a 12.5mm lift

    clio sport 29kg in the seat and 69 kg with a lift of 12.5 mm

    supertech I see them very hard.
    so clio sport or cat cams would be the right force.

    only that cat cams have a bad reputation in my country
  18. Hopefully the whole covid19 topic ends soon. It's been like a month since I bought material for the restoration of the engine and nothing came to me. Spain is paralyzed right now and the pieces do not arrive
  19. manugtt

    manugtt RSM Club Member

    Buah! I think we have fucking Covid for a lot, and when quarantine finish, we´ll get normality little by little. Just must to be patience man!!:weary::weary:
  20. spain really has been hit hard,as has italy.
    The uk`s total deaths is creeping up at the rate of 100 extra per day.
    life will never be same after this..
    Financially the uk will be crippled for a long time to come,as i suspect the majority of the world!
    frighting times indeed.
  21. it is clear that this virus and the deaths it is causing. The crisis that will come now later brings me a lot of concern
  22. Hello friends. Today I have a question.

    turbo efr 6758 has an air outlet of 50.8mm or 2 in.

    will i have some issues with the stock throttle body size?
  23. Ohhh you got the bug now have you :laughing::laughing:

    All i did was buy a silicon 90 degree bend think it was 52mm one end and 60mm the other.

    The standard throttle body is good for 500hp+ apparently
  24. 51mm to 63mm

  25. I have bought this: and just average to see size difference. so I looked at everything, intercooler and throttle body. that's why I started to get scared hahahahaha. my dream would be to have over 400hp
  26. Your on about a mk2, it's basically the same as the mk3, except the turbo pipe goes to the left, sure you will just need a 90degree bend as the outlet of the turbo will face upwards.
  27. That's an awful lot of money for that kit, a aftermarket intercooler will have the same fitting as the standard one, when i did my 225 i used the original set up and it was fine.
  28. did you leave everything oem? and what power did you get?
  29. My 225 had a forged 250 engine in it, with a dw65c fuel pump, it already had the better fuel rail, so just added the 5 bar relief valve in the fuel tank, that then gives you the raising rate fuel system.
    A hybrid 20t turbo, that shat itself twice within 2k miles, this is why i went for a straight turbo on the 265.
    Also had an Airtec inter cooler, cone air filter and a Pure motorsport non resonated exhaust.

    That gave me 320 hp and 360ftlb of torque, should have been closer to 380, but we think the guy that repaired the head skimmed it off a lot, or i was supplied the wrong forged piston that gave me too high a compression ratio.

    There is a build thread on here.
  30. señores, mi proyecto comienza

    Tenga en cuenta que será lento. Quiero hacer las cosas bien y limpias, tampoco tengo prisa y solo puedo dedicar unas 2 horas al día y no todos los días.

    Publicaré más fotos pronto, espero que les guste y si ven algo extraño o saben algo que estoy seguro no saben. ¿Puedes decirme que me ayude?

  31. everyone says that hybrid turbo never works well. that's why I'm going to do like you
    efr 6758 and be calm.

    I have gasoline right now. megane 3 complete system. 5 bar pump and megane 3 ramp with 670 injector.

    since megane 2 gasoline system they say it only goes up to 300hp or approximately
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  33. If you need any help give me a shout, you might find a better way of doing some bits than i did, but as this hasn't really been done before there is always room for improvement :laughing::laughing:

  34. everything you can tell me, help or recommend. I would always be very grateful

  35. Yes, but I want to clean everything and fix some things. I am also going to adapt the stabilizer bar of megane 250 which is a little bigger than mine 24 vs 21
  36. Not a problem, i think you will have a touch more room in a mk2 than there is in the mk3.

    do you have a LSD fitted or is that on your list of things to do

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