Pole position airbag light

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  1. Hello all

    I have researched for so long about the airbag light being on after fitting pole positions.

    No one on across any of the forums seems to be able to give a definitive answer.

    250 cup which has the standard cup seats (not heated) originally not the CS. It now has pole positions which has brought the airbag and spanner light on. I also have aftermarket belt buckles.

    Can someone please enlighten me if resistors will indeed fix this, if so what size, I have 3.3 and 3.9 at home - and does anyone have a photo they can provide?

    I have seen the universal airbag resistor kit on capital seating but before I spend the money there can someone let me know if I can actually do it with the resistors I already have.

  2. Check your resistors are reading correctly as I had 3 different types off eBay that were all reading wrong, 3.9 is the correct ohm. I tried following the guides on here but no luck, in the end the auto electrician did it for £40.
  3. 3.9 Ohm across wires in multi-pin under seats
  4. Where are you based? I can access airbag ECU and turn off what is missing, which in turn sorts the airbag light. I have done a few members cars on here.
  5. Work in Leeds and live not too far away. Got some more resistors coming so going to try them when they arrive. Where about a are you?
  6. Kent so probably a bit too far!!
  7. Hi Beau
    I am sure it was you that did mine at Brands Hatch a few months ago, many thanks still working perfectly
  8. It was indeed me! Nice one, thanks for the update
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