Please, pretty please help! Megane 225 clutch install nightmare!

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  1. Maybe totally wong here, but i thought you needed a smf conversion to fit the 1.9 clutch? Sure i remember something like that when we did mine.
  2. 1.9 clutch, according to the site i was pointed to on here for reference is the same part number as the 225(few other site, stockists say this too, the slave cylinder you get in the Luk kit, interestingly enough 'looks' like it will fit, but the external bore of the hose that fits onto the bleeder block is fractionally larger(and internal bore is smaller) , it does click into place into the bleeder block, but it has a death grip on it and doesn't seperate easily!
  3. There's probably a few people on here thinking why is this pillock farting about with a 1.9 clutch kit?
    Well couple of reasons, number one is the majority of clutches i seen for a 225 looked like this below, 'completely' different from my original one!
    Plus i read somewhere 1.9 one was stronger, or better, one of the two. In fact the site i mentioned above i was pointed to on here, mentions the 1.9 clutch as an 'updated' part number for a 225 one? Here's the 225 clutch link that's different from mine(no visible springs on pressure plate!)
  4. Two different types of clutch advertised, you can see both pressure plates are different, people on here that have fitted one, what did yours look like?

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  5. I wanna say the one on the left, ill see if i took a pic
  6. Here is a pic of old original clutch plate beside new one i fitted(excuse rust, sat outside for a night) , if you can see a difference, you're a better man than me!

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  7. Yeah they defo look the same, all i know is the r26r clutch cant be used on the 225 flywheel, not sure if thats the clutch you have or not, but the flywheels are different.
  8. Aslong as it matches the flywheel i cant see what can be wrong
  9. Here is original flywheel that came off, and i can assure you one that is on just now is identical!

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  10. Lee,

    When i fitted mine which surprisingly look very similar to yours, probable a different part number,

    anyway on mine new one the 3 little green springs were completely compressed then when you use your clutch it self adjust to the correct position.
    On yours they seems totally unset.
  11. I know about that, don't worry! that one isn't really the one that's presently on the car, it's actually an identical one that was on the car when i was given the wrong flywheel! :-)
    I don't have a pic of the actual one on the car as i was so keen to put it on! But i can assure you, it's the same part number as the one on the car, which was preset from Luk!
    I just bought another new clutch incase one in pic got damaged during being attached to the wrong flywheel!(you're correct, springs on that one are completely released,happened when working with wrong flywheel!)
    So everything presently on car is correct, and set correctly.
    I've never heard what you said there before, that you put on preset clutch, then first time it's actuated the springs release slightly, i thought they were preset off thecar, fitted, then the clutch is just gradually adjusted over it's life during friction plate wear.
  12. So, as i think someone maybe mentioned here, is the 1.9dci flywheel is different.
    But the 2 clutch kits, for the 1.9 and rs225 are identical part numbers.
    So basically i have an rs225 flywheel and a correct clutch kit!
    So either the two clutch kits, although identical, maybe have different working pressures internally? , or the 1.9 clutch needs the 1.9 flywheel to work properly, which is odd as both clutch kits are the same by sight, and part numbers
    The list of things that can go wrong down at the clutch side of things gets relatively short! And i've ruled two of them out already, it's the correct clutch and there's not an input shaft problem.
    Only thing that's left is a manufacturing fault with the friction disc thickness, or i've cranked the pressure plates up to an ungodly amount unevenly and warped the pressure plate, which i haven't! To rub salt into my wounds the guy who offered 800 quid for it didn't have the decency to turn up.
  13. Im breaking the car if anyone's interested, since nobody's even interested at 800 then breaking it's my only option.
  14. Shame that is, a nice cheap car to get. people might think there is more to it than just a clutch, thats probably why,

    Why don't you have a very last go at taking that gearbox out, do get defeated by it. it might take you a whole week end but you might end up again with a big grin when you can drive it again. breaks my heart every time a good car gets sold as parts .:disappointed:
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  15. Breaks my heart too! No garages in my area would touch this car originally to put a clutch in it! So i thought what could go wrong, got the whole procedure learned before tackling it and still end up nowhere.
    People on here tell me clutch is at fault, if it was the wrong clutch, or if i put the friction disc on the wrong way, or if i spent half an hour dancing on top of the input shaft with Diane Abbott on my back i would see a reason to go back in there!
    The clutch is new, the flywheel is new, the slave cylinder is new, the master cylinder is new and the clutch pipe!
    I couldn't have made more of an effort!
  16. I don’t know what you want people to say. You’re convinced that all the parts are correct and they’ve been fitted properly. If you’re not willing to take the advice because you’re so adamant that it is all correct, there’s not a lot we can help you with.

    There comes a point when you’ve got to face the facts and realise that something is wrong, either the parts, or the way you’ve fitted them. It’s up to you to decide which to eliminate by starting from scratch, but if you aren’t willing to do that, then both yourself and the rest of us are wasting our time trying to help.

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  17. Your selling the car at 800? I’d be interested, not seen it advertised?
  18. So, after getting nowhere trying to sell the car, i decided to give it one more try, and success!! Why success? Nothing to do with bleeding, nothing to do with me being ignorant and not listening to people's advice on here, nothing to do with 'wrong parts', nothing to do with any stupidity either on my behalf!
    So, what was wrong then? , well, that 'one' person that told me on another forum that if you do 'not' use an sac fitting tool, you won't get a gear, simple as! and i ignored him as renault service manual, Haynes nanual, people on here, and the local renault tech told me different!
    So, here's the lesson for you all, if you're fitting a self adjusting clutch, buy a self adjusting clutch fitting tool!!! (they're only 50 bucks now!)
    And if you 'have' got away with fitting one 'without' the tool, you were either really lucky, or somehow extraordinarily gifted! :-)
    Pedal has a nice light feel too! Only problem now i've accidentally cracked an aircon pipe with all the engine dropping lol.
  19. well done you for sorting it at least, i still don't understand why in your case it was required, but he ho who cares, car is now running and you are happy owner again.
  20. ianplymouth

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    Fitted 4 clutches to Megane's in the past and all working perfectly, glad you sorted it, now enjoy it :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  21. Sorry for Bringing back a old Theard, but for the nex one who is about to change a Clutch

    I Talk to Schaeffer Group Germany, who are LUK, INA and FAG.

    They told me the clutches are pre adjusted. So it can be directly fitted.

    Only if you reuse your old clutch it need to be adjusted with the tool in the video
  22. You said if you re-use old clutch you need tool,i disagree.I fitted new flywheel and new clutch,everyone told me i don't need tool,Renaults service manual,Haynes etc,but i tried to fit clutch twice without tool and i couldn't get a gear,i bought tool,used it,then clutch,gears were perfect!!
    If you want tool i can send it to you if you are in UK for £55 incl post.
    Incidentally none of the clutch centering bits in these kits fit the Megane!!I paid to get one of the bits milled to fit our cars,if you want me to send it you let me know! :-)
  23. It was certainly a thread that went on for a bit, but glad it was resolved. I’m in the middle of doing a clutch and flywheel change on the Mrs’ Mini. That has a similar self-adjustment mechanism as the Megane. I managed to find a Technician service manual, and similar to what has been posted above, the tool is only needed if removing a part-worn clutch and refitting after. There must be good reason for this - the system is a ratchet and worm wheel affair, but I don’t know exactly how the mechanism works - in that why removing it would upset the position it had adjusted to.

    I would suggest the OP got unlucky and maybe something ‘actuated’ whilst the clutch wasn’t fitted, and the self-adjuster wound itself all the way in to simulate a worn pressure plate. Who knows, but experience from others who’ve changed these Meg clutches says that in most cases, the fitting tool isn’t required.

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  24. just something i wouldnt try if i wasnt exactly sure what i was doing.Each to there own,but IMO its just not worth the sleepness nights,and frustration over paying a pro a few hundred notes to fit it.
  25. That's probably a great bit of advice.People ripped the piss out of me on here saying i was ignoring advice etc.I've worked on and restored cars for years.
    My experience in a nutshell was tried to fit new Luk dmf and clutch 'without'tool twice(that's where the sleepless nights kicked in!!),couldn't get a gear,bought tool third time,no problems at all!
    I'd love to know what went wrong first two times,i couldn't have been more careful or done enough reading about it!
    Biggest waste of time believe it or not was the days,weeks i wasted being told it was clutch bleeding was the problem,bleeding the clutch was actually a piece of piss!!once the clutch itself was fitted correctly.:-)
  26. In fairness, most of the thread was spent with folks advising you to take the box off... had you done that earlier on, you would have seen that the self adjusters had undone themselves and therefore would have needed the tool to reset them. But hey ho, it’s a good thread for others tackling the job! Out of interest, what did you find when you took the box off? Presumably the self adjuster screws were not fully compressed?

    Self adjusting clutches come preset, but that’s not to say that they can’t unset themselves whilst in transit, or more likely, whilst fitting. It will be obvious when fitting as to whether this has happened or not, but once they have adjusted, the only way to re-compress is to relieve the tension on the pressure plate. I wonder if this can be done by removing it, resetting, and then installing again?

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  27. I think from memory,as mentioned above first Luk clutch i fitted i had to preset the mechanism out the box(maybe bump in transit?),second one was preset already.
    I also read somewhere that Luk clutches are supposed to have a red? sticker on the box or something to signify they need a tool for fitment??,neither of my boxes had a sticker.
    I actually read elsewhere that a few people had fitted these type of clutches and couldn't get a gear,which made me feel 'slightly' better! :-)
    It's worth noting that just 'one' person was 'adamant' and said look,whip the box off and buy the tool and you'll be sorted,maybe just third time lucky?But i'm glad he turned up anyway.
  28. Out of curiosity, I watched a video showing how the mechanisms worked yesterday, and it is a pretty simple thing. Ultimately, the SAC springs cause a mechanism to rotate once the clutch pedal starts to become heavier due to wear. This changes the pivot point of the pressure plate, giving a lighter clutch pedal again. In theory, once the pressure plate is torqued, it will be obvious as to whether these have begun to adjust themselves as they should be fully compressed at the point of slotting the gearbox back on. If they’re not, the pressure plate needs to be compressed in order to relieve the tension on the SAC mechanism, at which point it can be reset.

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  29. Yes,clutch preset gradually releases and takes up gradual wear on the friction plate,and pedal feel 'should' also remain the same during the clutches life.
  30. Sorry to dig up but what is the correct way round for the plate to go?
  31. ianplymouth

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    The white plastic bit goes flywheel side
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  32. Thank you i had it that way now im 100% confident.
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