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  1. Possibly a stupid question but can someone please tell me how to install the damper adjustment knob into the front of BC racing coilovers on a Mk3?

    They don’t come installed when delivered and are instead lose in the box alongside the C spanners. Since I didnt insert them before giving the kit to my garage and they never noticed them in the box, the coilovers have been fitted without them. When I came to inspect the car I pointed this out to him but he was unable to simply push them into the top (they just sat loose ontop, meaning I could adjust the damping but the adjuster was loose and could just fall out). Can someone who has these installed please confirm if the little knob should just push into the top of the shocks or is to something I will have to do next time they are off the car? I don’t want to break anything by forcing the adjusters into the top of the shock.


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  2. A picture of mine during fitting, they cut a bigger hole to allow for camber adjustment, so had to remove the corner panels either side, think this also needs the wipers, and the scuttle panel to be removed.
    49065580571_5ee04b6f0d_k.jpg IMG_20180927_112145 by Ian Austin, on Flickr

    You could also undo the 3 retaining bolts and then jack up the car till you have enough room to fit the adjuster knobs

    They don't fully go in to the top of the shock, but they are too long to fall out as they hit the underneath of the panel thats over it, mine have never come out.
  3. Thanks for the reply, yeah I would ideally like to get the bigger hole cut in future.

    "They don't fully go in to the top of the shock, but they are too long to fall out" - They don't just sit loose in to hole though do they? The one in the driver's side looks like it could easily bounce out if I just sit it in there.
  4. I can squeeze them in with it as it is, they sit like this though, is that right?

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  5. that looks like mine, so they will stay in
  6. Yes they just sit in the top
  7. Ok cool, just my paranoia then as I thought they would sit flush and snug. Thanks for the help.
  8. Mine have been in for nearly 2 years now, i have done about 20 trackdays and 25k miles and there still in there
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  9. as said they dont drop down flush with damper but at same time cant 'jump' out as panel above wont allow, then to adjust need two fingers to push and pull either side wheel
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  10. If you want to drill it yourself, use a 75mm hole saw then wind a 48mm inside of it on the arbour. The small hole saw centres itself too the existing hole and makes the new one perfect.
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