Ph2 225 /r26 quickshift

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by hsustyle, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Ph2 225 /r26 quickshift for sale. Hasn't been fitted, can't seem to remove the old one. £110 delivered

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  2. It will come out will have to be very forceful with your sideways rocking to get it to release.its been on there for 10 years,so it’s not just gonna come up without a struggle.beleive me,you are missing out if you don’t fit it.the best mod for a mk2 bar none.
  3. and make sure it's in neutral
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  4. I'll try one last time tomorrow . Been at it for ages and lifts up about 2iches, maybe a tad more. Didn't think it needed much force.
  5. I did a little write up when i fitted mine, removing the old one was more difficult than i expected, you just haul and haul and wiggle and suddenly it will shoot up suddenly and smack you in the mouth! It 'will' come out!
  6. woa
    Woah WOAH! have made the classic classic mistake.
    You have not removed the 14mm locking bolt from the side of the gearbox casing that goes into the actuator body.
    This is why its only coming up 2 inches...seen this dozens of times.
  7. upload_2019-8-13_22-58-27.png upload_2019-8-13_22-58-27.png
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  8. upload_2019-8-13_22-59-59.png upload_2019-8-13_22-59-59.png

    Feel down past the black hydraulic hose to the right of this will feel the 14mm bolt...take it out with a ring spanner,and actuator will then lift clear..
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  9. All fitted. I removed the nut directly underneath the black pipe.. Didn't notice the one to the left of it! Duuuhhh

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