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  1. I am in the process of purchasing these pads for my R26 however i am in 2 minds about the rotors to fit with them.......the stock standard plain Brembos or slotted ones. I read somewhere that the PFCz do not like being being with slotted rotors. More wear, dust etc etc.

    Has anyone tried and found the answer to the above?
  2. all depends if your going to track your car, using just on the road then you will probably be fine, if you are tracking the ca then plain all day long
  3. Thx Ian.......... just fast road.
  4. Cheese grater effect with slotted disks will dramatically decrease the life of pads.even Renault ditched them for plain
  5. Thx Andrew.....righto the decision now is to just go the Brembo plains [cheaper too !! ] with the PFC-z's and new fluid.
  6. Not the same pad but I recently spoke to Pagid technical and they recommended a plain disc
  7. Good to know Paul....will go that way....cheers
  8. If you're happy to wait 5-7days for delivery then Autodoc sell the correct high carbon, coated plain front disks for £32 each. The Brembo part number is 09.8904.11
  9. the noise and the feeling of grooved discs with track use is huge, could here the pads disappearing when braking :laughing::laughing::laughing:
    Went through 3 sets of pads in a year on grooved discs :anguished:
  10. £600 on pads!..very nice.
    could get a decent second hand car for that!
  11. Ha ha ha if only, more like £1000, one set was a set of Endless pads, over £400
  12. Jut out of interest what compound endless and what did you think of them ?
  13. They were cc67 i think, they have changed the coding and can't find the equivalent compound, i did email China but no response.

    They were very good, lasted well gave a constant peddle what ever you through at them.
  14. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    MA45s are the boys but proper pricey, they do last a lot longer ime though so when you break it down the cost vs longevity isn't that bad
  15. Whio has the best priced PFC-Z for our r26'S Autolusso simply does not return emails.
  16. I have bought pads from them, but only through there web site.

    You could also try CL RC5's or 5+, if you are only using on road.
  17. Has anyone actually ran PFC-Z on grooved discs ?

    I'm tempted to run them with the two piece mtec disc.
  18. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Mtec discs are shit, Plain brembos are all you ever need on the front axle of a MK3 and at 120 a pair it's a no brainer.
  19. Can you point me in the right direction, sounds like a bargain.
  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

  21. pfc-z and trackday isn't good choise. I tried them on circuit and after 5 laps I knew they are not worth it.
  22. I had a 250 brake setup on my 225 and they were fantastic, tried them on my 265 they were okay but nothing special, went back to Carbon Lorraine 8's and happy, i did buy a set of PBS front pads, not impressed with them at the ring, so swapped back to cl8's, going to give the PBS's a go again at Snetterton on Tuesday if there no good there going
  23. This weekend I have been doing trackday with the RC6 and I can't be happier! nothing to do with PFC or RC5 + nothing kind of vibration after trkday and the discs look in perfect condition, something that didn't happen before

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  24. Ian, how did you get on with the PBS pads at Snet' ?
  25. Hi Paul
    Not well at all, put them in before i left 6 1/2 hr drive they were great.
    Did the sighting laps all good, then did a build up lap, 3 full on laps and on that third lap i really struggled to stop on the back straight, did the rest on that lap and another as a cool down lap, came in and fitted the cl8's back in and they stayed in the the rest of the day with no fade at all.

    so the PBS pads are going in the bin
  26. Sounds like the best place for them!
  27. Yepp sure is :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  28. Ian, have you done anything specifically to improve brake cooling ?
  29. No nothing, apart from cutting out the grid bits on the sides of the bumper

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