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Perfect track car daily balance

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by Z4M182, Jan 22, 2022.

  1. I have have a clio 182 track car but recently picked up a 275 trophy (LY) and increasingly I'm just thinking ill get track insurance and start using the megane.

    It's so great to drive, I've been keen for more punch on track and (I didn't think I would care about this...) it's just a more pleasant place to be than the stripped clio.

    I'm basically all done with the clio bar tye cage and harnesses but I'm starting to wonder whether I save the cage money and spend it on tracking the megane.

    So the question is, what ate the minimum mods for enjoyable track driving in the megane?

  2. If you have a Clio as a track car already I’m assuming you have a decent idea if what you want on track so then surely just do one in the Megane and see where you feel it needs any improvement? Some decent tyres, pads and brake fluid as you would do with any car before tracking and then see where you’re at. You might be completely happy and feel like you don’t need to do anything.
  3. I don’t think there’s any such thing as minimum mods to be enjoyable. That’s purely individual. My enjoyable might not be your enjoyable and Visa versa
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  4. I guess I'm trying to get an idea of any weak points or issues. Or small things that make a big difference.

    I found the whiteline ARB on the clio was transformative and pretty cheap for example

    I've also heard the aircon brakes if you track a megane so didn't know how that works and if there is an easy fix etc

    Also whether there are any specific pads recommended.
  5. I can say from experience, as I tracked a previous completely stock 250 Cup years back and it was my first track day. At that time, all the car had was some stickier Federal 595 RSR tyres, otherwise it was completely stock. The car was fine for a few 15-20 minute stints, the brakes got a little hot and started to fade after a while but a cool down and they were ok again. It was good fun, and actually great for a factory "out of the box" car.

    I'd say do the easy stuff like pads (Loads of choices) lines and fluid and see what you think. I'd imagine you will come away immediately feeling it needs to be stiffer with additional camber, especially coming from your Clio. It's just the start of another slippery slope of mods :tearsofjoy:
  6. I can guarantee that you'll do some small improvements like tyres and brakes to the megane and then you'll have the itch to do more.

    I don't know anyone who has been happy just turning up in a daily track car with some subtle mods who didn't want to do more and more and more.

    My megane is essentially my daily car which I hardly use but its also something I track. I have made the decision that im happy to go as far track as I can get even if it makes the car not so great as a daily. Every couple of months as I upgrade and modify the car it becomes more uncomfortable as a daily but more capable on track. Im ok with this but if your not then having a nice sporty megane for daily driving and then a proper track clio seems like a better idea.

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