OZ Alleggerita HLT Wheels In Gloss Black £800

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Barnett, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. Wheels dont need to be refurbished as they have been professionally powder coated. There is a couple of marks which have been touched up but nothing serious or obviously noticeable. never had any cracks/bends or big dents. These are an £1800 wheel set new!

    tyres aren't included!

    Offset 35
    PCD 5x114.3

    Collection only

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  2. Collection from where Barnett?
  3. Potters bar in Hertfordshire. Sorry about that
  4. will take £750 if anyone is interested?
  5. bump
  6. what tyres are on them?
  7. Federal RSRR. as stated though these wheels dont come with tyres
  8. sorry don't see that bit need wheels and tyres
  9. bump
  10. Got any pics showing the whole car and how they sit?
  11. Probably only these two which show the wheels clearly

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  12. I’d have these in a heartbeat if they could
    be posted.
  13. I can see what prices are like but cost would need to be covered bud
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  14. Don’t worry just seen it. I’d drop the price to £700 but wouldn’t want to go any lower mate.
  15. Are they still forsale
  16. Yes mate
  17. Will they fit alright being et35?
  18. Ye they’re fine. I have mine sitting around a two finger width from the arches and not had an issue.
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  19. Did you have any rubbing issue?
  20. Not with the ride hight as stated above mate

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