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  1. Good to bear in mind, thanks mate. Guessing any second hand that come up for sale are snapped up straight away, maybe one day I'll get lucky!
  2. tbf its not that common knowledge the part numbers, I found centre display unit that was out of a sport, it wasn't the sat nav and the part number was different to my standard one, so I took a punt at £50, turned out it was early V1 rs monitor. keep and eye on ebay with part numbers in hand and you might drop lucky.
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  3. It's very stange! If i use (on dialogys) CM0M i can't complete the oval plate...letters and numbers they don't match with mine. There isn't the F1TEAM preparation also!!! BUT, using CM1V (as it is written on my oval plate on the car) everithing match! :openmouth: I don't's strange :sweat:
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  4. Googled my reg and brought me here

    Dunno how the parts computer works but the HK14 one may not work as I'm going to be putting a private plate on it (I know that can disassociate it with some systems)
  5. According to the Dutch vehicle administration:
    - 250 is DZ1N
    - 265 is DZ18
    - 275 is DZ1X
    - 275 Trophy (R) is DZVT

    More specific, from what I could find out by checking license plates:
    - 250 DZ1N06
    - 265 Trophy DZ1806
    - 265 (Ph2) DZ1406 / DZY106 / DZ1802
    - 265 RBR7 DZY106
    - 265 RBR8 DZY106
    - 265 (Ph3) DZY106 (same as Ph2, weird, as this has the new front end)
    - 275 (Ph3) DZ1X0H
    - 275 Trophy DZVT06
    - 275 Trophy R is DZVTR6
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  6. Very useful and informative, I never knew my meggy was a cup until I read this.
    Thanks mate great post

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  7. Hello, thank you for all these informations :smile:
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  8. Out of curiosity, anybody here did install dialogys?
  9. If any body need full decoded VIN number of 275 trophy/trophy R i can help.
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  10. I did, and CAN Clip also )
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  11. CJ_RSport

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    CM1K for those GT150 DCi owners too

    been getting asked a lot so thought id add it in here
  12. Gavin.

    Gavin. RSM Admin

    Updated main post, cheers all
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  13. BM1K for the 5 door variant, as the GT being a more conventional car.

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