OMP 4-point 3' complete kit for Megane RS3 - easy install in original points

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  1. Complete driver harness setup for Megane 3 RS with Recaro seats:
    - OMP 4M harness – 3’ shoulder straps (in original box with eyelet fixings, which are not needed on the Megane)
    - TRS pads
    - x4 Pretzl plates to be used on original belt anchor points while retaining the original belts
    - dummy buckle to avoid gongs (not pictured)
    - original box

    They have had very little use, probably 50 laps. They make a significant difference to track driving in terms of control + precision, particularly under braking.

    This is a discreet solution that can be left on the car permanently while using the road belt and will only limit rear occupancy to 2 passengers : simply buckle them behind the seat when not needed. If not, they take 2 minutes to remove. The rear bench remains in place.

    Recaro do not have reservations about the near 45 deg angle.

    I would not suggest to use a harness in a car without roll cage although this is what I do on a limited mileage basis. I do not take any responsibility in case of accident.

    Total installation time of the plates is 30 minutes. The rear is a matter of minutes while the front seat will need unbolting and tilted for easier access near the central armrest. An assistant will be needed to hold the seat tilted.

    £99 posted. PP payment or cash on collection in Worthing.

  2. For clarity, the best price I could find for all the components of this kit bought separately is around £135. Open to sensible offers from serious buyers only though.
    For clarity, and following PM received, the price includes all the components listed.
  3. Following a question, the harness installs itself IN ADDITION to the normal belts and doesn't affect their use/functionality. You can still use the belts WITHOUT the harness but you can obviously use the harness without them by inserting the dummy buckle (included) to stop the gongs. Technically you could use both if you wanted. When not in use, they simply go behind the seat (unless you want to remove them, which only takes a minute):
  4. Pmd
  5. Is this for 2 or one?

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  6. Sold. (it was for one at that price...)

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