Old Megane still the benchmark.

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  1. Evo Magazine closing comments on new Mk 8 Golf R.

    "effective, but with neither the spirit nor interaction of an old Megane RS"

    Then later when describing the 300 Trophy.

    "While neither the regular Trophy nor hardcore Trophy-R have troubled the top of the table like previous incarnations"

    They certainly had a solt spot for the R26 & 250/265/275 years.

    There is also an article on Icons with a Clio 200 page.
  2. i still dont think i have driven a car that has all the elements down a B road like my R26..Its why i still have it 14 years down the line!
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  3. I had a MK1 Focus RS back in 2007 for 3 years and although it was a good car, my R26 is definately a better hot hatch

  4. Watched this earlier, what load of shit!!!
    Very poor journalism compared to the guys at Evo who clearly get it.
  5. as cars move more and more away from mechanical componants,
    that are not anesthetised through electronics like steering,damping,diffs etc.
    Whats its like to really "drive" a car,will become a thing of the past.
    If you add up the sum of the Meganesports parts...it really has nothing mechanically thats anything other than ordinary,and in some areas ancient.But some how Renault managed to get these cars to be thrilling to drive.
    Look at how complex every hot hatch is now.
    I imagine in time,i can see cars with DSG and Adaptive damping thats knackered, being uneconomical to fix.Because the cost to replace these items will be more than the cars worth..
  6. That new golf R they say has far more than the quoted 310 HP.
    Hits 60 in 3.9 seconds,and was as fast over a quater mile than a A45S with 400 HP.
    A hatch back as quick as most supercars!..
  7. I saw the golf r on car wow. Pulled on all the other 300 bhp hatch competition. Said it felt like 340 to 350 bhp.

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