Old girl still comes up nice!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by andrewjeffs, May 17, 2018.

  1. After 11 years, the megane still is pretty much immaculate.
    Lost count of how many times i get`oh..its a Renault..whats fallen of it,or broken?`

    Most reliable car i have ever owned.
    Touch wood..not a single issue after all these years.
    After its recent full suspension and steering refesh,its back to
    being the thrilling car of old.

    On a deserted B road,its pace is astounding.
    Cant see me changing it, for a long while yet.
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  2. shiny!
  3. bloody image upload!

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  4. Looks like just out factory, stuck with one brand body shine or tried verious ?
  5. Looks well. My Clio 172 Cup ticked over 140k today. People keep telling me that Renaults are rubbish, but it just keeps going and going!
  6. i had it pro valeted and sealed last year.
    It makes it so easy to clean even now..dirt just wont stick to the sealed paint.
  7. yep..That lump in the clio and megane, dates back to the days, of the Fuego ,in 1700 form.
    It soldiered on for decades after..amazing reliability.
  8. Nice.

    What wheels are they?
  9. Yeah very impressive really. Think mine could quite happy drive to the south of France tomorrow if I needed it to. I'd go deaf and insane doing that in a Clip Cup, but the car could do it lol.
  10. ebay special..bought them on when my originals where being refurbed.
    But was suprised at the quality when the arrived,so kept them on for now.
    Small amont of wheel weights required,so well cast
    ,and they have taken some big hits in fkn potholes,but have held up really well.

    Only weighed a little more each than standard wheels.
    Offset quite a bit out,but dont seem to effect on the limit handling.
  11. Look good.
  12. Looking good Andrew. I’m in the Same boat. Had my r26 for five years now. Done 60k in it and she’s currently sitting on 114k still going strong.

    Can’t think of any other car that would be in my price range that I could switch to that would be as fun!

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