Oil pump upgrade

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    this is the F9Q (1.9dCI engine , etc) that will fit to F4R engine block.
    some engine versions / oil pans will need a minor mod to the oil pan.
    (I also think the oil pan is interchangeable , I have an 1.9dCI Meg, someday I will test this also)

    part number is: 150108716R

    here are the pumps side by side. the volume of the "diesel" version is obvious.
    just observe at the oil chambers , pickup tube , gear wheel etc.

    IMG_20240322_133850369.jpg IMG_20240322_134156747.jpg IMG_20240322_134211264.jpg IMG_20240322_134427536.jpg
  2. I fitted one to the silver car i forged (i also have one ready to go into my car) when i was building the engine, before the crank went in and also that the front main bearing cap was still not fitted.
    The pump complete was bolted to the block but not torqued, just enough to stop it moving.
    I then put the sump on and it sat flat, i secured the sump with a couple of bolts, there is enough room to get your hand in through the front to feel how much clearance there was between the pump and the webs, this one didn't need any cutting.
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  3. Any before and after oil pressure readings?
  4. Could this just be fitted then with no mods was thinking of changing my oil pump anyway
  5. You might have to trim a bit off of the webs in the sump, i didn't have to on the 265 engine i forged, but someone else had to
  6. No

    But i will probably will fit a sandwich plate to mine,(with sensors) so i will let you know.

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