oil leakage on valve cover MRS3 F4R

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  1. On my MRS3 is an oil leakage all over all cylinders. I suppose that it´s from the camshaft studs coming up. I´ve cleaned it completely with brake cleaner and blow it away, was really clean and dry. 2 weeks later, i´ve removed the engine cover and found the leakage again around all studs. How can it be fixed? Supposedly they didn´t use sealer or Loctite when fiiting the bolts. Did anyone fix it permanently? I´m not fancy to remove the valve cover, the camshafts will be relocating and it´s the same expense as to replace the timing belt, even more….How to get out the oil of the threads to make the sealer work?
  2. I think this is a problem on most of these engine, to get the rocker cover off you need to take the turbo off first, even if you want to remove the breather cover the turbo has to be removed, this is not going to a quick job.
    If you clean it up again, leave the cover off go for a drive and then see what one is leaking, the remove them one at a time, wipe the bolt/s clean and i would apply a smear of this stuff or something similar https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victor-R...053315&hash=item469424c3fe:g:j24AAOSwoddaa0Un
  3. it will only be a couple of bolts i would imagine
  4. Yes I don´t think thalt it´s the rocker cover itself and I wouldn´t like to remoce it. The cover is the upper part of the camshaft bearing, if you lift it off, the camshafts will be pushed out of the bearing half in the head. So the tension of the timing belt will be affected. So in consequence, before loosening the cam cover, the belt should be loosened as well, that means really a big mounting expense. I suppose that there could be removed just one bolt after the other. There´s no leakage at the separating area of the cover to the head, the leakage is only on the bolt area above.
  5. I had a leak at one of the bolts, my son loosened it, applied some sort of lock seal, and its been ok since.
  6. I had the same, but in 3 bolts... did the same, and it's perfect :smile:

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