Oil cooler install and location, and thermostatic sandwich plate

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  1. Hi,

    Advice needed,

    Car: Megane RS265

    I am looking to install my oil cooler.

    I would appreciate any photos or descriptions as to what people have done in regards to the factory item. I see some people talking about removing it completely and then adding a U bend others just putting the sandwich plate on top. Room is limited, when doing oil filter changes as is, so if possible I would rather replace the stock item with with the unit I have purchased. Does this compromise any other systems ?

    I would also appreciate any photos showing how others have installed their coolers or descriptions. I was originally going sandwich it against the radiator using the crash bar. However I am getting concerned that this will cause the radiator to overheat on account of the meganes poor airflow.


    Misimoto Thermostatic sandwich plate
    Mishimoto 19 Row Oil cooler

    Car is located in Brisbane, Australia and used predominantly on track and will be going hybrid mid next year with a Wagner IC.


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