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  1. After clocking a few miles now on track we've seen high water temps and thus I'm assuming high oil temps (note we have the stage 1 airtec cooler at the moment )

    I've read through many threads and have concluded

    1. Remove or renew the A/C condenser, the one fitted has seen better days and must be causing air flow issues to the water rad'
    2. Replace the water radiator if we see any issues with it once we get to it (any recommendations on a replacement other than genuine Renault ?)
    3. Fit an oil cooler (slung under or over the crash bar ? ) And piped to a thermostatic sandwich plate (80 or 92deg ?), any recommendations for number of rows ? and fittings -8 or -10 ? Any one got any installed pictures showing location and pipe routes etc. There's seems to be kits available from Kam and APM

    Does the 265 already have a water / oil heat exchanger ? If so any pic's and where's it located ?

    Looking at the intercooler, does the L shaped Wagner have any affect on water temps I.e part of it goes under the water rad where the original intercooler sat ?

    The only upgraded radiator I can find is the one offered by Forge but it's ££££ is it worth it ? And can it be fitted with non Forge intercoolers?

    Advice and recommendations greatly appreciated
  2. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  3. I had the original rad (112k miles) an Airtec 70mm intercooler, i did remove the aircon rad, running a 250 forged engine running 320hp and never had an issue with the temperature, i also fitted a sandwich plate with an oil temp sender, never saw the temperature go over 108 deg C and i tracked it a lot.
  4. Good info - thanks
  5. In the exact same boat with my 265. Car could barely manage 4 laps at Oulton last week before oil temps of 120+ on the RS Monitor (I know that's calculated and not exactly accurate but still a little unnerving). Currently planning to follow suit with option 2 of the oil cooler (and a proper temp gauge from the plate) but have been pondering the same queries as to spec and following that I'm also going to go with the Wagner to allow more flow to the rad than my Airtec one is atm. Would be really interested to see how you get on and I'll report back once I've got these bits done too.
  6. Defo keep us informed of progress
  7. My 265 has an Airtec intercooler, still has the air con rad, not had any problems with engine temps on track one bit.
  8. With the same spec we are having water temperature issues - what's the difference ?
  9. I don't know, mine has also done over 105k miles, i don't have any receipts for radiators or things like that, i did change the thermostat soon after i bought it, only because the temp gauge was reading low, but it also gave me 4/6 mpg back
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Probably an old shit radiator, mine was fine for years until after it had sat about for a bit while cage was being built. I've got a forge alloy rad to go on now as removing the AC rad made very little difference so just an old tired radiator
  11. The Forge appears to be the only upgraded alloy radiator available (unless I've missed something) - the price is a little off putting

    Is Forge the way to go or will an oem replacement be ok ?

    Any recommendations ?
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I got the forge on the cheap but I would of just went with an OE spec from Euros from a reputable brand if I hadn't got the uprated one
  13. ECP don't list one, genuine Renault is going to be £300'ish

    Rofag on eBay do one for £80 ?

    If only the pro alloy was cheaper !

    I assume you can run any intercooler with the pro alloy ?
  14. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    There were several options for mine when I looked on ECP?

    The cheap Rofag one isn't a genuine Renault one,

    I run the smaller Airtec intercooler and have done for years with no issues, it was only after the car had say for almost 2 months having cage built (don't ask) that it came back with the issues and was put down to an old rad that was original and on 120k or so

    Just realised you mean with the forge radiator? If so yeah it's the same size as OE, just a better core
  15. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    It's easier to keep it. Just put the sandwich plate on that, otherwise if you remove it you'll have to join the two coolant pipes together with a silicone U bend

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  16. Does a suitable u shaped joiner exist ?

    I guess if you keep it then at least the water will warm the oil in winter !
  17. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    When I was going to remove mine I made this up but didnt do it in the end


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  18. Ah I see, thanks
  19. Any idea what the pipe internal diameter is ? Just thinking of pipe joiners if I take out the original cooler
  20. Sure its 1/2 inch or 13mm i/d
  21. Thanks

    Anyone have any pics of oil cooler installs ?

    Also anyone installed the pro alloy turbo cooler ?
  22. Jamie - to confirm the Forge water rad' fits with the small Airtec intercooler with no issues ?

    The Forge install instructions state that it can only be fitted with a Forge Intercooler !

    Is their anything that needs removing from the Forge radiator - there appears to be a bracket that's meant to bolt to the intercooler ?
  23. Managed to find a picture or two

    Looks like the turbo cooler fits to specific points on the Pro Alloy intercooler and sits where the original oem intercooler sat !
  24. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    It's fits as per OE radiator
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