R26 OEM navigation - installation ready?

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  1. Anyone tried to install stock navigation system in R26? Not sure which other models and which markets offered this.

    It is probably crappy but looks interesting. Monitor retracts completely into dash to flat panel .

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  2. Is that factory fitted or retro fitted?
  3. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    looks like the after market one you can get from ebay
  4. My double din tilts when I push ignition, but it doesn't have navigation.
  5. Looks factory.

  6. Never seen one of those before, don’t think they were available in the uk.
  7. Is it a pop up or fixed? Doesnt look great but looks better than the tiny screen we have.
  8. The previous owner fitted the same S100 model but with a different interface. It's Android 6.0 and I've been told you can't update it. Hardware wise, it's also not up to date and you also lose the audio controls on the steering wheel. I saw some time ago an unit with Android 10.0 and a better procesor and ram but for me is not worth it to be honest.
  9. I've got a decent double din already so I wouldn't want to use it for that. Maybe as a reversing camera screen or even just to pair with a phone for maps etc.
    Surely if it was connected to the audio side of things it would work the same as a double din, just the screen would be mounted up top and not where it would normally go.

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