OEM equivalent suspension and steering components *links inside*

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  1. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    After doing some research online I've managed to source most of the OEM suspension and steering components from the manufacturer, TRW.

    The steering components are made by TRW, after looking for Companies who sell TRW products I found mister-auto. All the parts look to match up to OEM numbers:

    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/tie-rod-end-track-rod-end/trw-jte1061_g914_a161JTE1061.html - Track Rod End, OEM 77 01 474 796

    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/tie-rod-end-track-rod-end/trw-jte1060_g914_a161JTE1060.html - Track Rod End, OEM 77 01 474 795

    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/anti-roll-bar/trw-jts463_g3229_a161JTS463.html?KTypeNr=30118 - ARB drop link, OEM 82 00 669 065

    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/anti-roll-bar/trw-jts466_g3229_a161JTS466.html - anti-twist link, OEM 82 00 686 016

    New lower arms are only available from Renault, but you can replace the bushes with the below items:

    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/control-arm-bush/lemforder-28879-01_g251_a03528879!01.html - Rear bush

    http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/control-arm-bush/lemforder-28878-01_g251_a03528878!01.html - Front bush

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  2. Could you not have rebuilt your suspension when I started mine dude? I've replaced basically everything now lol :worried:
  3. i hope the steering arm and TRE fit as i go through them a bit..
  4. Haha, I just bought most of this stuff from Ads! I am hoping it isn't all that much cheaper :/
  5. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    I was going to order from Adam until I started hunting around.... I hate to say but it's considerably cheaper than Renault prices.
  6. Ah well :worried: On the upside, I can say that the car does feel 10x better after the refresh.

    Also, it would be worth replacing the bush in the steering rack from TFD whilst you have the inner arms off.
  7. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    I am hoping mine feels 10x better.

    Yes, replacing the rack bush at the same time :smile:
  8. TimR26

    TimR26 South Central RSM Area Rep

    Good work Gray :smile:

    Shame I've already replaced the majority of it!
  9. This thread is one for the Stickies.... if possible?
  10. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

  11. Nice one, I really need to do mine soon too.

    Is your car off the road Gray, would it be worth sending the buses to powerflex to see if the can do Black Series bushes instead ?

    The Megane is seriously lacking in terms of aftermarket uprated parts.
  12. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Kind of.... I don't need it for commuting to work anymore since we have moved.

    But we are going away in 2 weeks time, so she's getting a refresh for that.

    Powerflex are starting development on a Megane in the near future I have been told.
  13. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    All the parts have arrived (from France) and they *look* to be correct. I will try and fit them this week to confirm.
  14. Let us know how you get on
  15. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    The twist links look identical to the Renault parts.

    I am just not 100% sure on the steering arms and TRE's until I offer them up to the original parts.
  16. when you trying them?
  17. Brilliant thread, thanks for taking the time to make it and also for ordering the parts with real money :smile:

    Massive savings to be had here assuming all is all. Very interesting.
  18. Was nice to meet you today Mr Gray didn't everything fit ok?
  19. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Update time...

    Anti-twist links and ARB drop links are identical to the Renault parts - TRW make them for Renault.

    Front arm bush, lower arm bush and ball joint fit - direct replacement parts. I am rebuilding the arms amd having them blasted / powder coated.

    TRE's are the same as OEM, unfortunately I've not tried the inner arms as the supplier only sent me one set, they ran out of stock. Hopefully it turns up soon'ish.
  20. That's good news!. Look forward to hearing about the inner arms, as I'm pretty sure I'll be needing some soon.
  21. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    I am quietly confident they'll fit, after all the other parts have been spot on.
  22. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    Fantastic work Gray!

    Be nice if we could get pictures to accompany each part too.
  23. :cool: Thats going to save me some money the amount of times i have to change them!
  24. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    twist links are nearly half the price they are from Renault!
  25. I've bought quite a bit from Mister Auto and their service has been excellent.

  26. TRE's are nearly a quarter the price they are from Renault :mad:
  27. probably a stupid question but ill ask anyway, are the link stabilisers priced per set or each ? :confused:
  28. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator


    I am on holiday at the moment... only photo I took, was a rush to get them fitted before driving to Cornwall.

    as you can see the twist link and drop link are physically identical to the Renault part.
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  29. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    I'll get some proper photos when I fit the rebuilt lower arms.
  30. Too work mate, you've saved me a small fortune :smile:
  31. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    any time babe x
  32. I'm totally clueless on this but will i need x2 on all the parts linked?

    Well apart from the Track rod ends.
  33. That's correct
  34. Cheers! :cool: Just ordered.

    Seems like massive savings! even from Ads prices.
  35. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Yes, but you will also need two track rod ends... Obviously.
  36. jar971 is for normal meganes and 19mm shorter than the rs one
    but you can fit it, it is catching 5-6 threads instead of 14-15
    so if you think it is not a problem you can fit
  37. Watching this thread with interest, as I'd like to do a bit of a front suspension/steering refresh on mine at some point, but if Cliosportap is correct, then there is definitely not enough engagement on those threads and it would scare me half to death from an engineering viewpoint.

    I'd be very interested to see a side-by-side comparison of the original Renault part and the TRW number listed above.

    Cheers for now,

  38. I'll update this by the end of the week, I've got OEM ones coming from Adam and these ones so I'll compare the length.
  39. I don't work in automotive engineering, but general engineering practise in steel components is an engagement length of 1.5 times the thread diameter as a minimum. Also don't forget that these are adjusted when the tracking is done, so there could be more turns engaged, but there equally could be fewer...

  40. If these 971's are shorter than the OEM ones I've ordered from Adam I wouldn't even consider fitting them to be honest. Like you say, they might wind on a few turns but when you get your alignment done they might be wound out more.

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